Rajapaksas secretly plan for a coup to grasp power?

Rajapaksa brothers allegedly plan for a coup to grasp the power of the government, a website stated.

Rajapaksas’ recent statements mostly to persuade the military personnel to turn against the government stating that the previous government did many things for the benefit of the military personnel and the present regime does not consider them much.

On recent statement of Dr. Rajitha Senaratne’s statements with regard to the Bribery Commission and secret plan for coup, Mahinda Rajapaksa defended only of the Bribery Commission and have not responded on the allegation of coup.

The silence of Rajapaksa, on the other hand, seems to prove the statement of Minister Rajitha.

Meanwhile, the Rajapaksas try to make use of the tensed situation which was due to the killing of the university students in Jaffna allegedly killed by police personnel to turn the police against the government.

It is said that they (Rajapaksas) try to get support of the police along with the military to capture the regime through coup.

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