Gang in Jaffna is Linked to Military Intelligence

Law and Order Minister Sagala Rathnayake walks Out of Press Meet When Asked Whether “AAVAA” Gang in Jaffna is Linked to Military Intelligence

Ava Group was created by Maj. Gen. Mahinda Haturusinghe!

It has now been revealed that the Ava Group, the gang of criminals in motorcycles in Jaffna, was secretly created during the Rajapaksa regime by the then north’s security forces commander Maj. Gen. Mahinda Haturusinghe, sources say.

 In the course of investigations into the death of two university students in a police shooting, it has been found that this gang was created after the war in a well-organized manner. However, the police have been instructed from the top not to reveal anything about this to the media.

Sources say that several other gangs too, are operating in the north since the end of the war. In the style of South Indian films, these sword and kris-knife wielding gangsters in motorcycles are carrying out attacks. In October 2013, two such gangsters attacked a policeman with a kris-knife at the Kokavil police post. Even before the war such gangs operated in Jaffna, but not during the period the LTTE existed.Minister of law and order and southern development Sagala Ratnayake told parliament yesterday (25) that a criminal gang named Ava Group in motorcycles and carrying swords and clubs were committing crimes in Jaffna. Police had mistaken the two undergraduates for the motorcycle gangsters and shot at them.

Commenting on the sword attack on two policemen in Jaffna, he said they had been attacked without knowing they were intelligence men. The Ava group had been robbing a shop when police intervened, and they came under this attack.

I told you! The Gangsters work for the Army.
I told you! The Gangsters work for the Army.

The province’s chief minister C.V. Vigneswaran says it is surprising that such gangs could exist in the north which is having more than 150,000 armed forces men and thousands of police and intelligence officers.

The CID has found in investigations that the two undergraduates in a motorcycle had been killed by policemen without proper firearms training having exceeded their powers and shot them. The policeman who had shot them had fired a burst. The pillion rider had died when he fell down and hit his head on the ground, the postmortem examination has revealed. Now, the so called patriotic carnivores in both the south and the north are giving their own interpretations to the incident and eating up this incident.

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