Trump Winning in USA Boosts Hopes of an ” Ethnic Majority Based” National Victory Sans Minority Support in Sri Lanka

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Convenor of Federation of National Organization (FNO) Dr Gunadasa Amarasekara on Thursday (Nov 10) said that Republican candidate Donald Trump’s comfortable victory at the recently concluded US presidential election had proved a national level polls could be won without the overwhelming support of minorities as well as those promoting false values.

Veteran writer/dentist Amarasekara emphasized that billionaire Trump victory had really cheered them up and justified their strong belief that major elections could be won primarily on the strength of the majority community. “Those who had been running behind politicians involved with the LTTE should study Trump’s victory.”

Dr Amarasekara was addressing the media at the National Library Documentation Services Board where the FNO condemned Western powers-India led efforts to undermine Sri Lanka’s unitary status. The nationalist asserted that the re-emergence of a Republican leadership couldn’t have taken place at a better time not only for Sri Lanka but the entire world as well.

George W. Bush had been last Republican president (2001-2009).

Dr Amarasekara pointed out that Trump strongly opposed much touted multilateral free trade agreements and insisted on much tighter immigration restrictions meant to keep undesirable out of America. “We welcome the Republican’s victory unreservedly,” Dr Amarasekara said, urging major political parties to re-examine their stand on crucial issues, particularly foreign affairs.

Referring to US spearheaded moves against Sri Lanka at the Geneva-based United Nations Human Rights Council during Barak Obama’s presidency (2009-2016), the dental surgeon said that the Obama administration had mercilessly harassed Sri Lanka on the basis of unsubstantiated war crimes allegations propagated by the Tamil National Alliance and the British. “Let us hope our leaders use this opportunity to brief the forthcoming administration.”

Had former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton won the presidency, Sri Lanka would have had to face further trouble, Dr Amarasekera said.

Wartime External Affairs Minister Rohitha Bogollagama asserted that Trump’s overwhelming victory should be examined against the unexpected defeat suffered by David Cameron at historic EU referendum dubbed Brexit in June this year. “Both Cameron and the Democratic leadership in the US went out of their way to undermine the previous government over exaggerated human rights issue.”

Bogollagama said that Diaspora Tamils had campaigned for both Cameron and Hillary. “Obviously, the UNP-SLFP coalition too hoped for Democrats retaining power at US presidential polls.”

The former Minister pointed out that four-party Tamil National Alliance (TNA) also wanted Mrs Clinton to triumph as the grouping believed a change of government in the US could be detrimental to the Geneva project. In the run up to US presidential polls, TNA member of the Northern Provincial Council M.K. Sivajilingam dashed 1,008 coconuts to bless Mrs Clinton. We expect her to win the election,” the media quoted the TNA politician as having said. The event took place in Jaffna’s historic Kandsamy Kovil in Nallur. The TNA also lighted 1,008 candles at the Jaffna Cathedral.

Bogollagama pointed out that Trump had been a total outsider until he announced his presidential bid in June 2015, whereas Mrs Clinton enjoyed widespread support including that of the mainstream media. However, Trump, had earned the faith and respect of white voters though an influential section of his own party undermined his campaign, the former Foreign Minister said.

He said the entire world powers ganged up against Trump, with the head of the UNHRC Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein issuing a statement supportive of the Democratic candidate in the run-up to polls.

Referring to the Jordanian prince’s declaration that U.S. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump would be “dangerous from an international point of view,” Bogollagama alleged that obviously the official had overstepped his mandate. Bogollagama said that one could imagine what he called external factors at play in the run up to the last presidential polls here in January 2015 when seeing Hussein’s interference in US polls on more than one occasion.

Responding to a query, Bogollagama, who had been previously with the UNP said that the Hussein’s interference wouldn’t be ignored by the upcoming US administration.

A senior military official told The Island that a fresh review of US policy vis-a-vis could be expected in the wake of Republican victory. Speaking on the condition of anonymity, the serving officer said that Sri Lanka should make representations on her behalf in respect of war crimes allegations. “Perhaps, it’s time to review the circumstances leading to Geneva Resolution 30/1 of October 01, last year. The Resolution co-sponsored by Sri Lanka recommended a war crimes court with the participation of foreign judges, including those from Commonwealth countries.”

Courtesy:The Island

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