“You Tamil Dog, I Will Kill You” Buddhist Monk Tells Grama Sevaka In Batticaloa

A Buddhist Monk from Batticaloa has threatened to kill a grama sevaka for filing several court cases against Sinhalese living in the district.

Using absolute filth in Sinhala, Ampitiye Sumana, a monk from the Batticaloa Mangalarama said, “You are a bloody tiger. My blood boils when I see you. You are a bloody dog. You are a Tamil Grama Sevaka. You have been filing case after case against our Sinhalese. Stop filing cases against the Sinhalese. Go and take action against what is happening in Wilpattu and Siripada. If you even send out one Sinhalese from their lands, I will end the rule by the Thambiyas and the Demalas. I will smash you. This is my last warning to all of you,” the monk said.


The monk said that in the past the tigers had killed the Sinhalese, now they are attacking them. He said that the only reason he was not harming the Grama Sevaka was because of the police uniform. During the incident, which occurred on a main road, several police officers including a senior police officer was also present.

The threats were made against the Grama Sevaka by the monk in front of the police officers. The senior police officer who was present at the time of the incident, tried to calm the monk and take him away to a jeep which was parked on the main road.

While walking away, the monk told the Grama Sevaka, “I will smash him till he dies.”

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