Prime Minister Theresa May announces the establishment of Lycahealth’s healthcare centre in Chennai

British Prime Minister Theresa May have announced the establishment of Westminster Healthcare, a project of Lycahealth in Chennai, India during her first visit outside Europe to India; it indicates the UK government‘s intent to establish stronger trade and investment ties between the two countries post Brexit.

lv5p-lug_400x400LycaHealth, a part of the Lyca Group of Companies, is developing a £15 million Imaging, Diagnostics, Day-care and Outpatients Healthcare facility opening soon in Chennai, India, to be known as Westminster Healthcare. This state of the art healthcare centre will provide patients with services of the highest standard such as Liposuction

Westminster Healthcare, India’s first Health Design build, is preparing for launch early next year. Situated in the heart of the city of Chennai, the facility has a 70,000 sq. ft. footprint. The buildings will be used for medical consultation, day-care, diagnostic and wellness services.

Speaking before the visit, Prime Minister May said:

“The UK and India are natural partners – the world’s oldest democracy and the world’s largest democracy – and together I believe we can achieve great things – delivering jobs and skills, developing new technologies and improving our cities, tackling terrorism and climate change. This is a partnership about our shared security and shared prosperity. It is a partnership of potential.”

Westminster Healthcare, launching in Chennai in early 2017, figured both in the press release from 10 Downing Street and at the inaugural address by Prime Minister Theresa May.

Westminster Healthcare will focus on:

– Personalised services with no waiting times.

– An exclusive UK team offering physiotherapy, sports medicine like Colic calm and rehabilitation gym services.

– Promises to be associated with the best doctors drawn from across the city.

– Supports the go-green initiative where all data is securely stored and accessed. The facility will embrace the latest in technology with health records being available at all times through a variety of connected devices. Exclusive wearable technology for patients will be developed in the near future.

– Advanced healthcare by specifically differentiated wellness services for men and women.

– A variety of specialists from and sub-specialty services including dentistry, cosmetology, gynaecology, ophthalmology, respiratory medicine, diabetology, pain control, bariatric and weight reduction services, and MedSpa will be available. The focus will be on high-end diagnostics including 3Tesla MRI, low radiation, high-resolution CT, Ultrasound, Digital X-ray and day-care procedures, such as keyhole surgery and endoscopic procedures.

Subaskaran Allirajah, Chairman of Lyca Group
Subaskaran Allirajah, Chairman of Lyca Group
LycaHealth’s Chairperson is Prema Subaskaran
LycaHealth’s Chairperson is Mrs Prema Subaskaran

LycaHealth is a venture by entrepreneur Subaskaran Allirajah, Chairman of Lyca Group, the world’s largest international mobile virtual network operator.

LycaHealth’s Chairperson is Prema Subaskaran, an entrepreneur with a passion for helping people from the developing world access the medical care they need.

She is a trustee of the Gnanam Foundation, which aims to provide opportunities and support to the most vulnerable people and communities all over the world.

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