Tension Mounts As Batticaloa Buddhist Monk wants a Buddhist Temple everyware a Bo tree is grows (even in a Hindus private land).

Police intervened once again when Batticaloa Buddhist monk Ampitiye Sumanarathana encroached into a private land where a Bo tree is and attempted to erect a Buddhist Temple.

The Monk claimed the Bo tree on the Badulla-Senkallady Road, Pankudaveli area was a place of Buddhist worship and has historical evidence.

Tension mounted as he arrived with many Sinhalese in vehicles.

Tamils also arrived as the land was owned by a Tamil.

Apparently, the monk attempted to encroach this particular land and he was restrained with a court order. However he returned to the same land wanting to build a temple on November 16.

When the matter was informed to TNA MP Viyalendiran Sathasivam, he informed the police and arrived to the spot immediately. Police warned that no one should enter the property or remove anything from the land.

The Monk claimed that Prabhalaran or any of his LTTE members did not harm him but people now are behaving like fools creating unnecessary issues and he did not want the land but only the Bo tree area to build a temple.

He said he did not want to disturb the Tamil community or capture land however he would want to protect this place of worship.

Police informed them there would be a police post at that spot and no one can enter the land in future.

The monk has urged the Archaeological Dept to visit the place of historical importance and verify his claims. The owner of the land said the monk despite been warned and issued with a court order still harresses people bringing disharmony among all. They said he captures private lands and forces the government officials to issue deeds.

A Hindu priest too visited the place in support of the Tamils. The monk did not want to leave the area until a government official gave him permission to erect a temple. The TNA MP urged the police official to quickly sort out the matter and told the Tamils to allow the police to do their duties and not to stir tension.  The monk wowed that he would return to see whether the police post would be installed as promised. (By Myrna L)

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