TNA demands foreign judges in accountability process

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) today demanded that foreign judges be included in the accountability process over the war.

TNA Parliamentarian S. Sritharan said that only international participation in the accountability process can ensure transparency and justice.

“The President has told Meera Srinivasan of The Hindu in an interview that he will not agree to foreign judges. Then how can we expect justice?” Sritharan asked while speaking in Parliament today.

The President had said in the interview that he had told the international community he cannot accept any proposal that allows foreign judges to probe Sri Lanka’s domestic matters.

Sritharan said the Tamils cannot accept war crimes being investigated by those accused of committing the war crimes.

 rajapaksha-in-bunkerThe Parliamentarian said the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) had also noted the importance of foreign judges in the accountability process.

He said the Government had initially agreed to foreign judges and so it must now stick to that commitment.

The Parliamentarian also called for answers over the hundreds of Tamils, including former LTTE members, reported missing during and soon after the war. (Colombo Gazette)

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