Would Government let to light Lamps for the dead Tamil Heroes? : MP Sridharan

“If the government says to pay tribute to the Tamil heroes on November 27th as it is Tamil Heroes Day and to light lamp on their grave stones, we can expect a remarkable change in this Good governance. But my question is, if the government would do so?” said MP Sridharan.

He stated the above when he participated and delivered the initial speech in the debate on the second reading of the 2017 budget.

He also stated the names of the Tamil heroes who did surrender themselves to the Sri Lankan Army and questioned about their situation, what happened to them and so on. He urged the Government to respond in this matter to the families of the missing Tamil Heroes.

He also questioned from the government that how would one call it “Terrorism”, when they initially fought for the basic rights of the Tamil Nation and urged the government to remove the term.


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