‘Gotabaya gave Rs. 50 million to murder Raviraj’-Constable Abeyaratne of intelligence division giving evidence reveals..!

(Lanka-e-News -28.Feb.2016, 7.00PM) Former defense secretary Gotabaya Rajapakse had given Rs.50 million to Karuna group to murder former Jaffna district M.P. Nadaraja Raviraj , an ex constable of the intelligence information  unit, Liyanarachige Abeyaratne revealed before Colombo additional magistrate Thilina Gamage when giving evidence. 

NR119The murder was an outcome  of the conspiratorial actions of the previous government , and this sum was paid through Vasantha of the defense ministry to the Karuna faction . This murder was committed with the knowledge of DIG Keerthi Gajanayake ,SSP Doole(State intelligence division ) and  the Karuna faction, ex constable further revealed. 

The non summary trial of Raviraj’s murder was heard before judge Thilina Gamage , and the winess made these disclosures when he was cross examined by the senior state counsel Dilan Ratnayake .

‘In 2009 , I got a transfer to Kallady camp. I was absorbed into the State intelligence information division to garner information about the LTTE activities. In 2006 , I  searched and obtained the telephone number and spoke to Rudra master of Batticaloa .

I passed the information to Batticaloa unit OIC ex I.P. Dhammika or S.I. Edirisinghe  .Those were conveyed to deputy Director SP Doole who was in charge of the H division of national information unit .

In 2005 , I received a transfer to the Colombo National Information Bureau. The deputy director of the bureau , SP Jayawardena requested  to gather information about the Karuna faction. Accordingly , I spoke to Veran allias Vivekanandan , Samy alias Suresh Rudra master , Iniya Bharathi alias Coomarswamy and Marikan Jayaseelan who were in Colombo via the phone . After establishing contact with them by phone I exchanged ideas and information with them.

I met the Colombo group and had discussions. In addition , a safety house was maintained at Gangarama Perahera mawatha by the state information division. Its expenses were defrayed by the State information intelligence division.

On the 2nd or 3rd of November 2006 , when I went to the Fort , Colombo , the Karuna faction including Shivakanthan Vivekananthan spoke to me on the phone and requested me to come near the Technical junction if I am near by.  At about 11.00 a.m. I went near the Medicare close to the Christian church.

ffhhhI saw Sivakanthan in a three weheeler . I also saw Veran whom I know well . He was eating a pastry . I went and sat in the rear seat of the three wheeler. I asked from them what is happening? whereupon they questioned whether I came alone? Veran then said , Suresh is there , and another group is  also there.

10 minutes later  I saw three individuals coming from the courts side of Sanchi Arachiwatte , Panchikawatte . Suresh , Navy Vajira and Senevi appeared .

The green colored three wheeler vehicle was one attached to the State intelligence information division . Veran told me ‘we  are waiting today to shoot down Raviraj M.P.  At that moment I saw Prasad , Vajira, Senevi and Ajith who were recruited to the State S. I. S. from  the Navy intelligence division.  I had the feeling that they have come to gun down Raviraj .Vajira had a black bag in his hand. With that he boarded the three wheeler. Thereafter Veran spoke with the others who were leaving . Then I came to the State intelligence division, when I met ASP Jayawardena . I went alone and told him , a group with Veran are in the ready to murder Raviraj M.P. at the Technical junction.He told me to use the speaker phone , and speak to Veran.

I asked from Veran whether the mission was unsuccessful? How are you going to do it? He replied that it would be done at a future date . Jayawardena then told me to interrupt the call. He then spoke to Director Keerthi Gajanayake. After both of them had a discussion for about  ten minutes, Jayawardena told me not to inquire into that  . Two weeks late Raviraj was shot dead. Two days after this tragedy , Doole S.P. asked me to come to his room. When I went in , I saw , Navy Senevi ,  Vajira and another . Later I came to know his name is Chaminda. He is a resident of Ruwanwella. Doole asked me pointing at them ,  ‘who are they’ . They  were the ones who were at the Technical junction to kill Raviraj , weren’ t they ? I asked.  Doole then said , ‘they are from the Navy and are under us.’ He then asked me to go.  The real names of Lieutenants Prasad , Senevi and Vajira are not known to me.

A week after the incident , I met Veran near the Museum, when I asked about Raviraj’s tragedy. “The same group that was there on that day ( that day  the mission failed) only went again .  Martha road  address was obtained , and when he was coming out we ‘hit’ him.” There was also another individual . He had been abroad , and he had came from Batticaloa to shoot down Janath Raviraj. Rudra master  knows him.

Veran told me  , because the mission was successful the organization received Rs. 50 million from Gotabaya , and that was paid through Vasantha of the defense ministry. When I told about the Raviraj murder to SP Jayawardena , and he  phoned Keerthi Gajanayake , the latter said it was an order from the top.

Hence , I state that the Raviraj murder was committed with the knowledge of defense secretary Gotabaya Rajapakse. I think based on  the information received that Raviraj was helping the LTTE organization , he was shot down. It is also my view that this was an outcome of a conspiracy plotted  by Gajanayake , Veran and Doole.’

Further hearing was put off until the 2nd of next month. The magistrate ordered that the accused be held in remand custody until that date. Eye witness number 4 Angelo Roy was also requested to be present in court on the 2nd of March.

By a Dinamina reporter
Translated by Jeff

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