Rejecting all Opposition allegations, the Sri Lanka Freedom Party today asserted that the proposed new Constitution or an amendment to the existing Constitution will retain the Unitary Status of Sri Lanka.

Minister Susil Premajayanth said the first law of the country will not compromise the rights of the citizen.

Speaking during a media briefing in Colombo today Minister Premajayanth said a Constitution of a country should address concerns and issues of its citizens.

The Minister stated that a COPE committee report on the investigation into the Bond issuance has been tabled in Parliament adding that the debate on the report will be held probably in January next week.

Minister Premajayantha said the SLFP Central Committee also compiled a report adding that it has been handed over to the President.

The Minister stated that the party central comittee has also issued six recommendations and alternative action adding that however the COPE report is merely an observation, and based on that, legal action cannot be taken.

The Minister stated that to take legal proceedings based on that report, it must be compiled with witness submissions by legal experts.

Furthermore, Minister Susil Premajayanth says the parliamentary debate on the report compiled by the Committee on Public Enterprise will be held in January next year.

The Committee on Public Enterprises or COPE tabled the report on investigations conducted pertaining to the controversial Central Bank Treasury bond issuance last month.

Minster Premajayanth said the COPE recommendation is only an observational report and therefore legal action cannot be taken based on it.

The Minister said the new Constitution cannot be enacted according to the needs of one particular community or a group adding that it is the first law of the country.

The minister stated that it should address concerns of all racial and religious groups adding that it should also fulfil the fundamentals of a Constitution.

Minister Premajayantha said it will be compiled by fulfilling fundamentals of a Constitution adding that the new Constitution will retain the clause of citing the unitary status of Sri Lanka and the supremacy of Parliament.

The Minister stated that the Sri Lanka Freedom Party will support proposals in line with such articles.

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