The British Tamils Forum (BTF) pays homage to ‘Amma’ Honourable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Selvi Jayalalithaa Jayaram

We are saddened to learn of the sudden death of Selvi Jayalalithaa Jayaram, affectionately known as ‘Amma’ (mother), the Honourable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu in India. She has been a vociferous supporter of Tamil rights world over, and has been voicing her support for the brethren across the Palk Straight for a number of years. Tamils world over have lost a leader who spoke against injustice and called for the establishment of a separate Tamil State in Sri Lanka to protect the rights of Tamils living in Sri Lanka.

As Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu in September 2015 she stated, “I have continuously demanded an independent international investigation on the people who committed genocide. I will take steps for the creation of separate Tamil Eelam for Sri Lankan Tamils where they can live an independent and respectable life.” Selvi Jayalalithaa moved a resolution in the Tamil Nadu State Assembly, stating that there should be an impartial, international and independent probe for the alleged war crimes and genocide faced by the Tamils in Sri Lanka. Selvi Jayalalithaa also demanded economic sanctions against Sri Lanka.

In March 2013, as Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, Selvi J Jayalalithaa called for a referendum amongst Sri Lankan Tamils on the formation of a ‘Separate Eelam’ (Tamil Land) within Sri Lanka. The referendum, she said, should be held for the sake of their future welfare. “The referendum should be conducted among Tamils in Sri Lanka and other displaced Tamils across the world. A resolution should also be adopted in the UN Security Council in this regard,” she told the Tamil Nadu State Assembly.

BTF sends its condolences to her family members, friends, relatives, party members and the people of Tamil Nadu, for the loss of an affectionate leader who was looked upon as a loving and caring mother. We share the same grief and as British Tamils we send our heartfelt condolences to the AIADMK party and the Tamil Nadu State Assembly for losing its affectionate mother ‘Amma’.

BTF hopes her party and the people of Tamil Nadu will make her dream come true in Sri Lanka, and will continue to carry her motherly love and steadfast support for the establishment of a Tamil State, and the establishment of an independent international investigation to investigate the genocide committed on the Tamils in Sri Lanka. Let her legacy live forever in the hearts of the Tamil people world over.

May her soul rest in peace.

Best Wishes

M Jeyapalan     

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