Wills and Kate was so moved by courage and determination that they even hugged and kissed Sai Kadirrajah

15284022_1304734342901212_5141131593156598003_n Sai Kadirrajah was  Kissed and Hugged by Wills and Kate.

She recently delivered a speech on behalf of YoungMindst @RoyalFoundation (run by #PrinceWilliam #PrinceHarry#DuchessofCambridge) ‘s private fundraiser. She was the only young person and the #royals were so moved by courage and determination that they even hugged and kissed her!! Kate even suggested she should be a public speaker!! Our family couldn’t be prouder!!!

Young Peoples Mental Health isn‘t a joke and nor is it going go away. Sai is an activist who has faced a battle of her own only to come out fighting. And now she wants to make a difference to other young people like herself!She is an inspiration to me and has really showed me that you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it!

As a Young Minds activist, digital lead and member of youth panel she have been able to have an insight into mental health and wellbeing of the mind from the perspective of society as a whole.

With the aim of combatting stigma, spreading awareness and enhancing treatment, through her four years of campaigning she has been part of a wide range of activities from meeting with local councillors, to attending meetings at the Houses of Commons to speaking directly with the likes of Nick Clegg, Norman Lamb and Jeremy Corbyn.

As well as conducting workshops, giving talks in schools, youth clubs and to professionals in places such as the kings fund and hospital trusts like NELFT , she have also been part of a lot of the media work and giving interviews to BBC, ITV and Sky and been involved in the digital campaigns including videos and blogs that Young Minds.

15355785_1304734246234555_5251619847660875343_nShe is also mentor to children from disadvantaged backgrounds via the ReachOut Club which was set up as a student initiative, since 2015 she has been a mentor for a young person and utilizing various activities to build their skills as well as self-esteem.

This is one of the article’s she has written:


Sai, who is one of our YoungMindsVs activists, writes about mindfulness from a young person’s perspective. If you find mindfulness esoteric this will help you understand it.


Mindfulness is about knowing yourself, not just knowing what foods you like, and what your favourite colour is.

Knowing yourself is more than being certain about what you’d choose out of Coke and Fanta.

It’s about knowing the inner you; it’s about having control over the inner you, and using that control in a positive way. Mindfulness is about paying full attention to the here and now and exactly how it is. It’s about connecting and being in sync with yourself and everything around you.

It’s about being aware and having a clear head. Mindfulness is about battling your inner demons in a sensible way, in a productive way.

No one has a magic switch from the outside; it’s your thoughts, you need to find the reins”


It’s about making yourself feel better, because only you can do that, only you can change the thoughts in your head. No one has a magic switch from the outside; it’s your thoughts, you need to find the reins.

It’s about working through your thoughts and feelings because they are what make you happy or unhappy. You’ve failed your exam; that’s just a physical thing. What makes it painful is the feelings it creates inside you, it makes you feel like rubbish, it makes you feel so little, but that’s you making yourself feel that way. Mindfulness is about understanding this and making peace with it.

Yes you’ve failed your exam but you’re 16 and you live in the UK – one of the most developed countries in the whole entire world. There’s always another way; it may take longer, it may be a completely different path, but there is another way.

15401056_1304734116234568_2025123852650992279_nACCEPTING YOUR FLAWS

It’s about knowing who you are and being happy about it and saying ‘yes’ and accepting it. It’s about having an understanding of your thoughts and knowing that everything changes, and knowing that bad things will happen but it’s about knowing how to deal with these bad thoughts and feelings safely.

It’s about knowing that feelings change. They change as fast as the weather does, they come and they go and then they come back again, and that’s okay, and everything will be alright, because you have a safe place to go to in your head; the bad days are passing thunder clouds, they will cause problems but you need to have your umbrella ready. It’s not about running to shelter; mindfulness is about building yourself an umbrella, a strong one, a big one, made with the best kind of plastic and the brightest colours, and standing under the cloud.

You’re gonna get up and carry on… because that’s the best thing for you”


It’s not about always being happy; it’s important to feel negative emotions because you need to feel negative to know positive, but it’s about dealing with the negative. Yes you’re having a bad day but you’re not gonna sit there all day and cry in bed, you’re gonna get up and carry on with your day because that’s the best thing for you.

It’s about understanding yourself and accepting your flaws but wanting to make them better.

Mindfulness is about being yourself all the time.

Sai Kadirrajah is a YoungMindsVs activist.

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