Court requests army again to forward the list of the LTTE cadres who surrendered

Lanka-e-News -05.Jan.2017, 11.30PM) Mulaitivu district court judge M.S.M.Samsudeen issued an order on 3 rd January to the army to forward to court on  January 30 th  the list of the names of the LTTE members who surrendered to the army during the final phase of the war .

The lawyer for the petitioners K.S. Rathnavale said , this court order was made when the case was taken up for trial in which habeas corpus applications have been filed in connection with a group that has gone missing of those who were handed over to the army supported with evidence.

Major General S. Gunawardena who was in court on the previous date to give evidence told court that the name list of those who surrendered is in the custody of the army.

The lawyer for the petitioners however pointed out , the list submitted to court by the major general was the name list of the group of LTTE members that was accepted for  rehabilitation by the government , which list cannot therefore be accepted. The court after being informed of this  ordered  the army to provide the list of names pertaining to this  case on 2017-01-30

About 400 LTTE cadres of those who were handed over to the army have gone missing so far , and the relatives of those missing have filed  14 habeas corpus cases in the Mulaitivu court .

Lawyer  Rathnavale also revealed , at the time when this group was accepted by the army , there were two Catholic priests appointed by the army  as witnesses , and when the LTTE cadres were being transported , the two priests too were taken along in the buses by the army . These details have been included in the complaints made by the complainants  . Besides , two cases have been filed in the Vavuniya court in regard to the  disappearance of the two priests ,  the lawyer further pointed out .

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