A Ruthless Conspiracy By The West To Hijack India’s Economy And Spoil Your Health!

Jallikattu Ban – A Ruthless Conspiracy By The West To Hijack India’s Economy And Spoil Your Health! – Janani Vivek

Indian humped Cows Vs Western  humpless Cows 
Nutritious A2 milk vs toxic disease causing A1 milk – Autism, Type 1 diabetes & several other diseases linked with A1 milk – Divine Indian cows – Propaganda by western cattle industry – White revolution – Native breeds of Indian nearly extinct – Ruthless Cow slaughters – Hypocrite animal activism – Ban on Jallikatu a trickery to kill Indian bulls and more!
In this post I’ll expose what the dairy industry and the doctors doesn’t want you know. This post could save you and your family from several health illnesses and save our country from an economical crisis. So pay attention!
Western hybrid cows vs Indian Cows :
Many of us do not know the difference between an Indian cow and a western cow. The cows you see on the streets now are hybrid-western cows. The poisonous A1 milk you now drink is from this breed. The indigenous cow breeds of our country has a hump on it’s back and it gives nutritious, safe A2 milk. We had about 70 indigenous breeds which is now reduced to 30, thanks to the lobbying west and our mindless corrupt politicians. And this 30 left overs are also waiting to go extinct, thanks to the slaughter houses and the ban on Jallikattu and bullock cart racing.
‘BCM7’  The Poison in the western cow’s milk :
The milk you get from Aavin and other companies are toxic A1 milk. Cow’s milk contains proteins, fats, carbohydrates (in the form of lactose), minerals and water. There are two types of cow’s milk : A1 & A2. The main difference between the A1 & A2 milk is their protein component. The protein is of two types : Casein and Whey. There are different types of casein proteins and one particular type is called the BETA-CASEIN which has two variations : A1 & A2. The A1 beta casein is a highly toxic component while the A2 is harmless and safe. Your mother’s milk is A2 and so is the Indian cow’s. It has micronutrients like cytokines and minerals which enhances your immune system. But the western cow’s milk which we drink today, is highly toxic and not suitable for human consumption.
Bottom line is, once people drink milk, the western cow’s milk (which contains A1 beta casein) digests differently than the Indian Cow’s milk (which has A2 beta casein). With the A1 beta casein, there’s a release of a ‘peptide’ which a small fragment of protein called ” Beta-Caso-Morphin-7 ” the devil in the milk.
The BCM7 is an opioid (psychoactive chemical) and when it gets through from the stomach into the blood, it can cause all sorts of problems. The human body simply doesn’t like this opioid and it tries to react against it, and depending on the individual’s genetic make up, one could get all sorts of diseases ranging from juvenile diabetes, autism, allergies and etc. To make it worse, BCM7 crosses the Blood Brain Barrier. Which means, it could get in to your brain, resulting in schizophrenia and auto-immune diseases such as MS and Parkinson’s. In children, it could cause several issues for their psychomotor and physical development (a recent study made by Russian scientists has confirmed this).
The west has now woken up to the truth and more and more people are going to A2 milk. This has made the western diary industry nervous. So they’re in the process of converting their useless, toxic A1 cows to A2 cows. They come to India for the A2 cow embryos as a result of which, now some of our wonderful native breeds like the Punganur and Vechur cows are nearly extinct. And thanks to the lack of a mechanism to check the illegal export of embryos at Indian sea ports, they’re doing this with no issues. Today we see western humpless cow in indian diaries , and Indian humped cow in western diaries. Aavin and other milks we get in India now is the toxic A1 kind. The Indian hospitals and doctors are well aware of the health issues caused by the A1 milk, but they keep quiet. After all the business is booming right?
The White Revolution Of India (should be read as ‘The Ethnic Cleansing Of Desi Cows” ) :
Above : Thank you also for killing our indigenous cows Dr.Kurien!
If you go ask a common Indian cow man why he has a western cow and not an Indian cow, he will say “Because it gives more milk than the native breed!”, This is a LIE propagated by the west funded NGOs & lobby groups to fool the gullible Indian farmer. It all began in the early 1960s.
So supposedly, back in the early 60s, India wanted to improve her milk production and wanted to become milk sufficient. So she started the ‘White revolution” a project by the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) which was the world’s biggest dairy development program. Now, you may think this program was about improving the values, knowledge, ethnoveterinary practices, healers and the local biodiversity associated with the native Indian breeds to make the Indian cows more productive, but you’re wrong. This was a program devised by the western cattle industries who wanted to make moolah out of the gullible Indian public. They propagated ‘mix breeding’ as a solution to improve the milk yield of the Indian cattle. And through heavy lobbying, there were able to make our government agree! So instead of improving the milk production of the Indian cows like any sane government would do, Our tax money was spent in buying the exotic western bulls and semen, which made the western cattle industry very happy. They even made our government pass laws that will prohibit breeding of cows with Indian bulls without a license! One good example would be the Kerala livestock act of 1962, which PROHIBITS the maintenance of productive, indigenous bulls by the farmers. If you happened to have a bull that can mate, the agri inspector will come and cut it’s balls off!!. Such has been the power of the lobbying west!
Our agriculture and dairy policy makers who started the extensive crossbreeding programmes were treated like royalty by the west milk lobby. Free trips abroad, Scholarships in western universities for their children… and I wonder why..
Above : The Milk Man of India!
As a result of this indiscriminate mix breeding, the destruction of the Indigenous cow began. India lost it’s nutritious and safe A2 milk, the ghee & urine of the Indian cow which has numerous medicinal properties, the dung of the A2 cows which was used as fertilizers by our farmers. The farmers are now forced to use chemicals fertilisers which has poisoned the very food we consume and resulted in many health issues including impotency.
This mix breeding has caused more harm than good. The hybrid cows does give more milk, but with a poison (BCM7) in it. The number of litres of milk given in a DAY is computed only by fools. The number of litres per YEAR is computed by the wise . The Indian cow lactates three times more in a year than the humpless variety and hence gives more milk. Actually, the indian cow is capable of giving more milk in the daily basis than the Western cow if properly bred and maintained. In 2011, a pure Gir Cow (an Indian breed) in brazil, delivered 10,230 kilolitres of milk a year, with a daily yield of 56.17 kilolitres.
The hybrid western cows are very vulnerable to tropical weather and diseases. Unlike the indigenous cow, they have to be kept in very high-cost, air-cooled, all-weather shelters, and require expensive stall feeding and medical care.  It has been pumped with antibiotics and it farts methane gas which is the main culprit in global warming.
The Cow and Indian Economy :
India was a vegetarian nation. She still has about 500 million vegetarians who rely on milk for their protein. Nearly 63 percent of animal protein in the Indian diet comes from dairy products. Cows are the one of the backbone of India’s rural economy. The Indian cow’s maintenance costs are low, their milk is  a succour and source of nutrition for poor families.  Small farmers sell their cow’s milk to State-run cooperatives and private companies, which further package it and sell it to the urban cities. My dad always says it was his mother’s 3 desi cows which fed the whole family and not his father.
The western cow’s yield may be higher in the short term but they run dry much quicker. Millions of these crossbreeds are being abandoned by owners the moment they run dry as they cannot afford their high-nutrition diet and costly healthcare. Supporting these unproductive animals is stretching the country’s already limited resources.
Since 1951, the milk production in India has increased from 17 to 122 million tonnes. This may look like a positive figure, but these numbers are deceptively misleading because India also has the highest number of cattle in the world : 200 million. Which brings the average yield in milk per animal down to only 3.23 kg. The global average is 6.68 kg.
 The National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) has warned that if India cannot keep pace, it will have to start importing milk, leading to higher consumer prices. And our government’s plan to keep the pace : MORE MIX BREEDING!!!!! YAY!!!!!!
In the next 10 years, as the new order of industrial dairy production begins to dominate, from being self-sufficient, India will not only have to import a large percentage of its milk demand, but will also become heavily dependent on importing everything from exotic semen to cattle feed for the exotic crossbreeds reared within the country. By controlling these key inputs, foreign markets will eventually decide the price we pay for exotic milk. 
THINGS NEED not have gone so badly wrong. Back in 1965, when an expert group was asked to formulate a cattle-breeding policy, they came up with a scientifically robust, multi-pronged approach: selective breeding of quality indigenous cows in their breeding tracts; using these improved breeds to upgrade the non-descript stock; and the use of exotic semen to upgrade non-descript cattle into exotic crossbreeds only near urban centres where dairy owners could afford to support such high-maintenance herds.
The policy was firmly against introducing exotic semen in the breeding tracts of indigenous milch breeds. So were our dairy farmers. When the NDDB was launched under Verghese Kurien, the proud Gir herders of Gujarat resisted the exotic cattle for years. One story has it that a group of local dairy farmers contemptuously dragged a few exotic crossbreeds to Kurien’s house on the day of his daughter’s marriage to give away in dowry.
But once artificial insemination became popular, the floodgates were thrown open. Like almost everything in India, the looming milk crisis is the result of a colossal planning mess.Tehelka
So here we are, ruining the backbone of our agro-economy and handing the control of our dairy industry to foreign markets.
Ban on Jallikattu & bullock cart racing :
Unlike the western bull, one Indian bull can service up to 40 cows. The bulls which were raised for Jallikattu and bullock carts were a big problem for the western semen selling companies. So they found a way to get rid of them. Using the animal activist groups in India, they ran biased signature campaigns, started the a case in the supreme court and won. Our supreme court’s logic : It’s absolutely okay to abuse, torture, kill and eat cows but raising them for sport? Nooooo! Did the supreme court forget that cow slaughter is unconstitutional? Why didn’t they ban cow slaughter first and then ban less cruel activities? They didn’t ban horse racing which is far worse and cruel than bullock-cart racing, because you can’t mess with them rich folks right?
Above : Peta pushing the western propaganda using the gullible Indian animal activists.
How many of these animal activists know that peta killed 82% of Dogs and Cats in its Possession in 2013?
This hypocritical Animal Rights Group’s Body Count Exceeds 31,000.
Don’t get me wrong! I’m against all forms for cruelty. I’m a vegan & an animal activist myself and I can tell you, Jallikattu sans cruelty is possible. Unlike the western bull fight, in Jallikattu, the bull runs the show. It spends barely about 20-30 seconds in the arena. These bulls were raised and treated like gods by the farmers.
Above : Worshipped. Like Gods.
But thanks to supreme court’s ban, these ferocious bulls, who stalked jallikattu arenas like champions, are now boarding goods vehicles on their way to slaughterhouses.
Above :The last trip of his life
 And when we ask these animal activist groups about the rehab for these bulls, they simply smirk. .
Above: A bull after a western bull fight
Above : A bull after Jallikattu.
Food for thought : A professor from the Delhi University’s department of physics and astrophysics came up with a theory that the increase of cow slaughter is the reason for earth quakes. He called it ‘The pain wave theory”. Everyone ridiculed this theory. But the recent increase of cow slaughter in South India and the earth shake we experienced yesterday.. makes me wonder..
Kindly sign this petition : https://www.change.org/en-IN/petitions/respected-amma-dr-j-jayalalitha-please-save-the-jallikattu-bulls-from-slaughter
God save our cows!

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