Crooked cardboard patriot Weerawansa remanded..! Has allotted official vehicles even to cook at home -Rs. 91.6 million loss to country..! full report..

(Lanka-e-News -11.Jan.2017, 5.45PM) Notorious racist  and accomplished crook Wimal Weerawansa the unqualified nitwit having  barely passed   Grade 9  , and who when somersaulting from the JVP (M.P. then)  did not have even a bicycle to claim as his own, but after becoming a minister under the nefarious decade of the corrupt crooked Rajapakses , transformed into a  multi millionaire through colossal misappropriation of public funds was arrested last noon (10) . He was later remanded until the 24 th after he was produced in court . The public who are aware of how much damage he has done to them and the country through his colossal rackets while parading as a great  patriot , and were therefore  anxiously awaiting  this moment , at last went home heaving a sigh of relief following  his  incarceration .

It is noteworthy , Weerawansa was remanded today  not over his passport  fraud or forging the birth certificate ; not over his fraud of allocating government houses  at low prices to his relatives when he was the minister of housing ; not over his becoming a multi millionaire and owner of a multi million rupees worth mansion out of illicit earnings while having no proper income  ; not in connection with the mysterious death of a youth within his house due to excess Viagra intake in the night for reasons best known to Weerawansa’s wife ;  not for making false and malicious statements to incite racial hatred, but  rather ,he was remanded today over  abuse  of massive public funds in a sum of Rs.91, 635, 591.00  ! by allotting state assets fraudulently  to henchmen and relatives of his when he was the minister of housing and construction. 

It is  the chairman of State engineering Corporation , Michael Emil Joachim who lodged the complaint with the FCID against Weerawansa.

The FCID filed action in court through a B report  B/ 3088/ 2016 based on charges of criminal misappropriation of state funds ; breach of trust ;committing fraud, as well as  aiding and abetting in those crimes under sections 100, 102, 113, 388 , 389 and 400 under the Penal code  ,as well as under the money laundering Act.

The Fort magistrate Lanka Jayaratne after examining  the submissions made by the FCID remanded Wimal Weerawansa and former human resource manager Samantha Priyantha of State Engineering Corporation , residing at Tangalle  until the 24 th.

Weerawansa the notorious crook and cardboard patriot  who committed grave criminal offences including transferring State assets to henchmen and relatives while treating those like his own dowry property and ancestral property , however did not stop his vacuous   bragging even after all these exposures of his egregious crimes, to pose like a great hero  before the cameras of the  unscrupulous  media  groups!

There had been fraudulent allotment of 5  vehicles to relatives; 10 vehicles to henchmen; 22 vehicles to outsiders who were supposedly attached  to the ministry , but in fact having no eligibility at all  to hold those posts.

Weerawansa’s family mebers criminal misuse of State  vehicles ..

1.Vehicle No. GO 4894 given to the youngest son Vimukthi Weerawansa youngest son of  Weerawansa’s elder sister Sumanawathi Weerawansa.
2.Vehicle Nos. GK 5073, KD 4049, KB 7053, KW 6956 , GK 5073 and  KP 4802 to the elder son Lalith Pushpakumara  of Weerawansa’s elder sister Sumanawathi Weerawansa .
3.Vehicle Nos. KB 6038, HQ 4974, GR 5774, KI 4648  and KA 7440 to Bombuwala Disawage Ananda Asoka Kumara , husband of Tanuja Nishanthi who is the elder sister of Weerawansa’s wife .
4.Vehicle No.  GY 4635 to Palleguru Gamage Ananda Priyadharshana,  husband of Nilani Werawansa who is the younger sister of Weerawansa.
5. Vehicle No. JN 8058 to Nilani Weerawansa the younger sister of Weerawansa.

Ridhma Vimukthi Weerawansa , Lalith Pushpa Kumara, V.W. Ananda Asoka, P.P Ananda Priyadharshana who misused the vehicles  had functioned  as project officer Ocean View Co. , management assistant at Weerawansa ‘s ministry , chief security officer at Ports Authority, management assistant at State Engineering corporation cum  stores administrator respectively.

These four individuals have used these vehicles while they are not entitled to  vis a vis  their positions. The most dismaying and deplorable part  of these rackets was  , Nilani Weerawansa the younger sister of Weerawansa has never ever held a government job . She has only been in the kitchen and cooking at home .Even to such an individual Weerawansa  allocated   a State  vehicle wasting  people’s funds ruthlessly and recklessly .

Hereunder is the list of State vehicles Weerawansa who was a pauper before joining with Mahinda Rajapakse the Alibaba ( chieftain of the crooks) , gifted to his henchmen with gay abandon..

HK 8877 and KT 2884 to Lal Kularatne
JN 5767 , KK3081  , 64-3225, HA 2189 and KA 4685 to Piyasiri Wijenayakae
KO 5871 to K,D.U Jayasena
KM 0882 to D.V.A. Jayawardena
54 -5678 to L.C. Kumara
KT 6089 to Viraj Sanjeewa
KA 8125 and 32-9390 to     Nuwan Indika
HR 7619 and HN 4098 to V.S. Wijesiri alias Dampala
GI 0001 to Chanaka
GF0887 to Nissanka

The list of vehicles allotted  to outsiders who were given posts in Weerawansa’s ministry but not entitled to vehicles is hereunder .Among them are Sinhala Ravaya leader Ittekande Saddatissa the monk  , and Lankadeepa newspaper  writer Prassanna Sanjeewa Tennekoon.

1.Vehicle Nos. KQ 0976, KA 9447, KP3768, KD 0158 and KQ 9762 to A.N.S Mendis public relations and trade union secretary
2.JO 5953 and JE 6557 to U.D. Sanjeewa Perera – media secretary /advisor
3.PC 6171 , 252-4908, PC 8430, PF 1277, EA 0260, PE 3626, KD 1494, EA 0004 and PF 3770  to Sisira Herath , chief security personnel (I.P.)
4.65-5231, KI 3053, HR 0800, and KG 2376 to B.M.J.T. Mendis , management assistant
5.KB 4427 , JC 2440, KB 8657, JO 5953, and CAB 9727 to J,H.R. Nayanananda , co ordinating secretary
6.310-2751, HC 2349 , JW 3549,KU 9867 , and 300-2590 to Alagiya Hewage Suresh Indika , Development assistant .
7.PC 2896 and PC 9097 to B.G. Indika Prasad , Accounts assistant
8.JR 5354 and 300-5690 to Ishika Nadee Perera , staff officer
9.HC 2048 and HI 2658 to Dr. Achala Upendra Jayatileke , advisor
10. GJ 7117, KO6514, JS 9725, HN2194, PD 2563 and CAC 3327 to Ittekande Saddatissa Thera (Sihala Ravaya) – member of monitoring board
11.KK 8941 to Lanka deepa media personnel , Prasanna Sanjeewa Tennekoon  media co ordinator , ministry 

12.KE 0231 , KR 7730, KA 8125, and KS 7735 to Dushmantha Abeysinghe Parliamentary secretary
13.JR 5774, KT 9085, KI 1610, KS 0097 and KQ 7961 to Sampath Thilakaratne ,clerk/ co ordinating secretary , workplace.
14.250-4713 and JY  0359 to Prasad Manju, ministry media secretary .
15.JZ 2669 to Ranjith Edirisinghe management trainee/ coordinating secretary
16.HM 6920 to K.L.M. Samaratunge , group manager
17.KA 6932 , GJ 4501 and JN 9942 to Ranjith Gamini Wickremesinghe, coordinating secretary  .

In order to save face and to hide his disgrace, Weerawansa the culprit gave the foolish and flimsy  answer that he only issued instructions , but it is the duty of the officers to act according to the law, and that the two children of his sister Sumanawathi volunteered to work for  him  with a view to assist in  his affairs. He also told, husband of his wife ‘s elder sister , and husband of his younger sister were staff members  in the ministry but he was not aware vehicles were allotted to them . His younger sister was assisting him but vehicle being allotted to her was not known to him. These were the stupid irresponsible  answers given by this grade 8 (dis)qualified moron of a minister who held a most responsible ministerial portfolio in Sri Lanka , to justify his multifarious criminal activities .

Many reports were produced in court on several occasions against this infamous  crook and cardboard patriot Weerawansa . The final B report shall be revealed later .

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