Norway ready to assist in accordance with int’l procedures Tamil diaspora role in assassination bid

Norway ready to assist in accordance with int’l procedures

Tamil diaspora role in assassination bid

by Shamindra Ferdinando

The Norwegian embassy has indicated Norwegian readiness to assist an ongoing investigation into the alleged involvement of Norway based Tamil diaspora elements in an attempt to assassinate Jaffna District Tamil National Alliance (TNA) Parliamentarian M.A. Sumanthiran.

Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka on behalf of the Government constituent, JHU recently alleged that Norway based eelam activists had been behind the assassination bid. Acting on information provided by an ex-LTTE cadre, the police have so far arrested five members of the LTTE.

It is alleged that Norway based LTTE elements had given the contract to a group local Tigers to carry out the assassination using claymore mines. Police investigators have recovered two claymore mines since the arrest of five of the local suspects.

Since the conclusion of the war in May 2009, there had been no attacks on Tamil politicians by the LTTE rump.

The Norwegian embassy pointed out that there were established procedures to facilitate cooperation among various governments. A spokesperson for the Norwegian embassy yesterday made available an embassy statement that dealt with the alleged attempt on MP Sumanthiran’s life.

The Norwegian embassy got in touch with The Island in the wake of our failed attempts to obtain embassy response to accusations pertaining to Sumanthiran assassination attempt. The Norwegian embassy refrained from responding to our queries last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

The Island asked whether the embassy had sought a clarification from the Sri Lankan Foreign Ministry as regards alleged involvement of a Norwegian of Sri Lankan origin in an assassination plot in Sri Lanka targeting TNA MP Sumanthiran.

Without referring to The Island query and subsequent front-page story headlined ‘Norway mum’, the embassy has posted the following statement on its website: “With reference to recent newspaper articles on the alleged assassination attempt on parliamentarian Sumanthiran. The Norwegian embassy has no other information on this than what is mentioned in the Sri Lankan newspapers.

We consider this a legal matter which is handled by the Sri Lankan police. In general, if the Sri Lankan police initiate or request international cooperation, there are established international procedures for such cooperation. The embassy has no further comments.”

Meanwhile, the British High Commission spokesperson said that they wouldn’t comment on unconfirmed reports pertaining to an alleged attempt to assassinate TNA lawmaker Sumanthiran.

The US and Australian High Commissions, too, declined to comment on the alleged assassination bid.

Speculation is rife that Tamil diaspora elements based in France, Australia and Malaysia, too, could have been involved in the plot.

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