GTF And Govt. To Work Together

The government and the Global Tamil Forum (GTF), a powerful Tamil diaspora group based in London, are to work together to address the Tamil issue.

Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera had talks with the President of the Global Tamil Forum, Father S. J. Emmanuel, in Geneva last week.

Father Emmanuel told The Sunday Leader that he met Samaraweera and a Sri Lankan delegation for about 45 minutes behind closed doors.

“In all my meetings I have openly said that I do it as an act of critical and constructive collaboration by a moderate diaspora organization and me as one of the oldest victims and witnesses of this conflict right from June 1956. Hence our exchanges are about helping one another,” he said.

Father Emmanuel also said that while expressing some dissatisfaction and disappointment at the ongoing accountability process, he will not lose hope and will remain on the path of truth and justice with the help of the UNHRC.

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