South supports Tamil demands

By Panchamee Hewavissenti

Several progressive organizations and individuals in the South have extended their support to the demands of the people in the North and East, such as to release their lands from the possession of the security forces, providing information on the missing people and the abrogation of the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA).

The protest which commenced outside Fort Railway Station last week included several progressive organizations and university students.

“The government has pledged these affected people in the North and East that they would solve their problems. It is unfortunate, however that this government operates in the same manner as the former regime. They have been unable to give a satisfactory solution to these war affected people. We came here in support of these helpless people,” the organizers of the protest said.

They further stated that the people of North and East played a major role in bringing the present government to power and it is unfair to ignore their issues. “The authorities are well aware that several protests are taking place in the north and eastern areas of the country. That is why, we Sinhalese decided to commence the protests so that we too can pressurize the government to provide solutions to the problems of these people.”

The protesters also stated that they would like to promote reconciliation and wish to live in harmony with the Tamil people. “If the Tamil people face problems, then the Sinhala people are ready to extend their friendly hand in support,” the organizers added.

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