Stunt man Wimal’s NEXT ”Hunger Strike” continues

Sinhala extremist NFF Leader and MP Wimal Weerawansa is known for going on ”Fast to death” hunger strike as he and the rest of the world knows that he will not die by the hunger strike. He is known for making stunts and gaining cheap publicity and he is on another  ”Fast to death” hunger strike again for few days.

With the blessing of ex President Mahinda Weerawansa went on a ”Fast to death” hunger strike in July 2010 outside the UN headquarters in Colombo but decided to eat after three days, having earlier threatened to starve himself to death. 

Wimal Weerawansa was trying to force UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to halt a human rights panel on Sri Lanka.

He was trying to stop the world knowing the killing of more than 40,000 Tamil civilians in May 2009 by Sri Lankan forces under President Mahinda.

He is continuing the 2nd hunger strike that he started in the remand prison, Prisons Commissioner General Nishan Danasinghe said today. Weerawansa began the fast on Wednesday morning by refusing to eat his breakfast provided to him at the Magazine Prison.

The MP was arrested by the Financial Crimes Investigation Division (FCID) in January for the alleged misuse of state vehicles.

His party members said Weerawansa had commenced the fast against what he called political revenge by the government as it was common for MP’s to misuse state vehicles under President Mahinda.

A medical team was monitoring the health condition of the MP every two hours, the Prisons Commissioner Danasinghe said


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