Another ”Fast unto Death?” Drama by MP Wimal will not have any impact on honest people

As expected Leader of the National Freedom Front MP Wimal Weerawansa ended his SECOND nine-day ”Fast unto death”  hunger strike yesterday (30), by drinking a glass of milk.

National Freedom Front sources said that Weerawansa decided to end his fast after considering requests made by several parties, and former president Mahinda Rajapaksha who realised that the government was not going to cover up the fraud done by Wimal.

By Bandara

Former Leader of Hong Kong Donald Tsang was found guilty of accusations of corruption against him by the Court of that country. He was sentenced to seven years in prison. The accusation of corruption against the Hong Kong leader was that he could not explain how he managed to obtain on rent a luxury storeyed house from an investor who owned an advertising business for which Donald Tsang who was 72 years old, had granted a licence during the time he was the leader.

French Interior Minister Bruno Le Roux resigned on 22 March based on the accusation of providing his two daughters with jobs under him. Bruno was accused of appointing his two daughters as parliamentary assistants during their school holidays.

During a period of seven years, the two daughters had been paid Euros 55,000 or more than Rs 11 million as wages. The two daughters were aged 20 and 23. Bruno had done this during the period 2009-2016 when he was a member of the Assembly of France. The Attorney General of Finance in France had ordered that a direct investigation be conducted regarding this matter. Prior to those investigations commencing, Bruno resigned from his ministerial post.

French Presidential Candidate Francois Fillon was targeted with a similar accusation. He was accused of creating false jobs and paying public money to his family members.

Chief Candidate in the French Presidential Election, Marine Le Pen also has serious accusations against her regarding misuse of public money. She is accused of having paid a sum of Euros 300,000 belonging to the European Parliament as wages to the staff of her party.

These incidents came to the modern political stage because leader of the National Freedom Front, Panchayudha Kumara Wimal Weerawansa’s fasting story.

He has begun a fast inside the prison, accusing the government of taking political revenge from him and that as a result bail is not being granted. Media Spokesman of Prisons Thushara Upuldeniya told the country that Wimal Weerawansa rejected his meals. Although he was engaging in a fast for not being granted bail, the Prisons Media Spokesman said that the Department of Prisons can do nothing about it.

mahinda-rajapaksa-wimal-weerawansa-17.7.13Misusing public funds

Deputy Minister of Power and Renewable Energy, Attorney-at-Law Ajith P. Perera who spoke about Wimal Weerawansa’s fast, to the country said that he has been remanded on the accusation of misusing public funds. He confirmed that Wimal Weerawansa is not in any way legally a political prisoner.

Deputy Minister Ajith P. Perera emphasized this view during a media conference held at the parliamentary complex. Replying to a question raised by a journalist, the Deputy Minister had this to say:

“Each Court in our country from the Magistrate’s Court to the Supreme Court believes in independence. Individuals appear in Court according to the facts that each Judge possesses and according to the law. Relief can be obtained only if dealing with the case is done according to the law.

There is a law on bail in our country. There is an Act on bail. There is a law regarding submitting of facts, regarding granting of bail for crimes in connection with public property. Facts have to be submitted to Court according to that. Just because one engages in a fast, he will not be granted bail. As a lawyer what I have to say is there is absolutely no point in fasting.

However, when you look at it in the perspective of a politician it is something that will have an impact. It creates news. Anyhow, he has been remanded not because he fought on behalf of the country but because he misused State property. He is not a political prisoner. Any suspect is granted bail based on suitable conditions at suitable times.

The story is completely true. The difference between being accused of giving friends and relatives State vehicles to misuse, and being remanded and being a political prisoner is similar to the vast difference between the sky and the earth. The other reason is, once a Court gives a verdict that someone should be remanded on whatever reason, the Speaker of Parliament does not have the right to change the verdict or grant bail. It is quite a separate judicial task. Being totally aware of these facts and writing a letter saying “Speaker, now I am engaging in a fast” is of value only for advertising purposes. Therefore, according to what the Deputy Minister said, this process of fasting is solely to make an impact. This is only one tier of marketing to the maximum, remanding of Wimal Weerawansa.

If so, Hong Kong’s former leader Donald and the French Minister Bruno whom we mentioned previously who had accusations of corruption against them should begin a fast from wherever they are. They should try their utmost to escape from the accusations against them. In a reasonable and law-abiding society it does not happen. If someone is accused of a misdemeanour, according to the law that exists in a country, that individual should not be exonerated from the accusations against him via the Court but that person should be punished.

Without that, pasting posters vis a vis the accusation of misusing State property, organizing marches, drawing art, writing books and fasting and trying to avoid the accusation or obtaining bail cannot be done. These are cunning strategies to transform every wrong to their advantage.

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa too mentioned a similar story some days back.

“When the youth of the country were hesitating to join the Army, I gave my son Yoshitha to the Navy.” The former President had made it his own policy to turn everywrong thing he did and said to his advantage and even this statement misleads the public.

Most talented recruits

It is well known that Yoshitha Rajapaksa had not even fulfilled the basic qualifications to be recruited as a Sub-Lieutenant to the Sri Lanka Navy. It is prominently known that subsequent to being recruited without even the basic qualifications, he was provided with unrestricted privileges. In addition he was granted foreign training using public funds. According to the policies of the Navy, those who are sent for training abroad are the most talented recruits of the batch.

The most talented recruit of that batch in which Yoshitha was, was a child from a poor farming family in Anuradhapura. That child of a farmer was deprived of that opportunity. The problem of Yoshitha being trained abroad was subject to discussion in the Parliament during one day of the month of January 2016. This question was raised by Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna Parliamentarian Nalinda Jayatissa. It was Minister of Mass Media Gayantha Karunatilleke who replied. According to that statement it was revealed in Parliament that a sum exceeding Rs 22.2 million had been spent on the foreign training provided to Yoshitha Rajapaksa or Y. K. Rajapaksa.

It is possible that the former President talks about the good deed of sending Yoshitha to the Navy, believing that his wrongdoings have been forgotten by the people of this country.

People have not forgotten. They remember very well. As mentioned above the French Interior Minister resigned from his ministerial post due to a problem regarding his daughters. In our country, of course, we will not be able to see in our life time or even in the future, politicians engaging in deeds such as that. What is apparent all the time everywhere is covering up of truth and spreading of falsehoods.

Renowned author Maxim Gorky has said: “You will not drown the truth in seas of blood.”

Therefore, the truth cannot be suppressed through fasting or insults or marches, posters or statements.

Erich Fromm has said: “The lust for power is not rooted in strength but in weakness.”

Therefore, weak fasts will not have any impact on honest people.

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