Sri Lanka Tamil party says a new constitution is essential to resolve national problem

Sri Lanka’s main Tamil party, the Tamil National Alliance says that the Executive Presidency should be abolished and that a new constitution is needed to resolve the national issue in Sri Lanka.

Speaking to BBC Sandeshaya, TNA parliamentarian MA Sumanthiran said the view that the Executive Presidency is better for the minorities to win their rights is not correct.

“Even though minority’s support is needed during the elections, once become president, everyone works for the majority,” he said. “Therefore, the idea to think that justice will be met for minorities through this system is wrong,” he said.

Without creating a new constitution with the consent of the Tamil people, there will be no solution to the national problem, the MP stressed.

“If we need to resolve the national question, a new constitution is essential, the current constitution and the ones before that were formulated without seeking the Tamil people’s consent. So if we are to enter a new era, we need to form a new constitution,” MP Sumanthiran stressed.

However, a survey conducted by the Center for Policy Alternatives, a think tank in Sri Lanka, questioning over 2000 people across the country found that 62 percent of the participants believed that the government should be paying attention to more pressing issue.

The participants believes that, the government should pay more attention now for reducing the cost of living, infrastructure development, economic growth, reducing unemployment, maintaining law and order and eliminating corruption.

Responding to the public view, MP Sumanthiran said, while the Sinhala majority doesn’t feel the need to change the constitution it is the responsibility of the political leaders to convey the message to the people that a new constitution is needed in order to resolve the national problem existing for 70 years. “The majority of people has no interest in changing the constitution because the leaders failed to take that message to them,” he said.

He said the unity government formed by the two major parties should take this valuable opportunity to bring a new constitution.

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