White vans roaming again

By Upatissa Perera, Mahesh Wijesuriya
and Kumara Dissanayake

An unidentified group, disguised as Police officers, who had arrived in a white van, had abducted a 38-year-old father of two from Ipalogama in Punchikulama on Sunday (9) night.

This was stated in a complaint lodged at the Ipalogama Police by the abducted individual’s wife.

The abducted individual named Loku Ralalage Ajantha Pushpakumara Biyagama, a businessman, had been a private security officer to several parliamentarians from the Anuradhapura District and was a seizing officer attached to leasing companies.

He had been abducted from his home, located near the Ipalogama Junction and the abductors had also removed the data from 13 CCTV cameras which had been fixed around his house.

This individual had been a powerful supporter as well as a security guard to a Member of Parliament of the United National Party of the Anuradhapura District. Later, he had moved away from political work and engaged in a business of giving out money on interest, according to relatives.

Police said that there were complaints lodged at several Police Stations in the island against the person who had been abducted.

The wife of the abducted individual complained to the Ipalogama Police that, that her husband was asked to get into a white van, by those who were disguised as police officers, so that he could point out the house of a suspect who was required by them.

She had stated in her complaint that a group of individuals, disguised as Police officers, carrying T-56 firearms and pistols had arrived in a white van at about 7.00 p.m on Sunday (09) and stated that they were officers from the Bandarawela Police Station and entered the house. They had talked to her husband for about half an hour. Subsequently, this group had asked for water to drink and when she returned from the kitchen with the water, she saw her husband getting into the white van.

Subsequently, another group had arrived in a cab and asked her to show them the place where the information from the CCTV system, fixed in the house, was stored. They had then removed that particular section. They had also taken all the mobile phones that were in the house, when they left. She had told the Police that after that there was no information at all about her husband.

The Ipalogama Police, who are carrying out investigations into the abduction said that this individual had not been taken away by the Bandarawela Police and that it had already been confirmed. Police said that extensive investigations are being conducted into this abduction.

Two Special Teams of Police Officers from the Ipalogama Police Station are carrying out two investigations under the instructions of the Officer-In-Charge of the Ipalogama Police, Inspector R. S. Udukumbura.

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