UN, US want Sri Lanka to punish peacekeepers accused of rape but the government will not do it!

The United Nations and the United States want Sri Lanka to punish UN peacekeepers accused of rape in Haiti.

UN spokesman Stéphane Dujarric said that troop contributors have a responsibility to certify that none of the soldiers that are being deployed from wherever they come from have ever been implicated in any sexual abuse, and so the UN would expect Sri Lanka and all other troop contributors to do the same.

“As you know, there was no deployment of Sri Lankan peacekeepers for a long time.  The issue of impunity of peacekeepers who committed horrendous crimes, who violated the trust given to them and were not persecuted is one of the reasons, and one of the many reasons, this Secretary‑General and his predecessor have pushed for greater accountability and have pushed for greater partnership for Member States.  And Member States have not always given us the information we needed.  So I would urge you to check with, with the Sri Lankans,” he said.

Meanwhile, the US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley urged all countries that provide troops for U.N. peacekeeping missions to hold soldiers accountable for sexual abuse and exploitation, an appeal that came after she cited an Associated Press investigation into a child sex ring in Haiti involving Sri Lankan peacekeepers.

She also warned that “countries that refuse to hold their soldiers accountable must recognize that this either stops or their troops will go home and their financial compensation will end.”

“What do we say to these kids? Did these peacekeepers keep them safe?” Haley asked, citing the AP’s investigation detailing how at least 134 Sri Lankan peacekeepers sexually abused and exploited nine Haitian children between 2004 and 2007.

Sri Lanka never jailed any soldiers implicated in the abuse yet the country was allowed to send troops to other U.N. missions.

Nine children in the Haiti sex ring — some as young as 12 — told U.N. investigators how Sri Lankan peacekeepers offered them snacks or money for sex. One boy said he had sex with as many as 100 soldiers, averaging about four per day.

Isapriya-Indiaisaipriya_0021mahindaand ranilSri Lanka government will not punish these soldiers as this is normal in Sri Lanka camps. 114 Sri Lanka peacekeepers were sent home but none of them was punished. The forces are accused of sexualy abusing thousands of Tamil girls and boys during the war against the LTTE.

The Sri Lankan government has refused to allow a international investigation against these crimes on Tamils. In May 2009 Miss Isaipriya a Tamil TV news reader and her friend who surrendered with white flag after UN negotiated the surrender was raped and killed by the Sri Lankan forces and video evidence were leaked by some soldiers were screened on international TVs but as usual SL government refused to take any action against the soldiers who did it.

WAR-CRIME1More than 100 Sri Lankan peacekeepers had sex with children in Haiti …

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5 days ago – At the close of the UN investigation, 114 Sri Lankan peacekeepers … to the United States and raping children,” Joseph said in Port-au-Prince.

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