Joint opposition May day rally transforms into ‘funeral rally’ ! -Two persons die – virtually killed !

1-2017-May-Day-Gallface(Lanka-e-News -02.May.2017, 9.10AM) An innocent feeble man  and a woman who were among those got down after payment to the Galle Face green for the May day rally ( 1 st May) by the  joint opposition crooks and the corrupt died due to the heat and from dehydration .

The victims of the joint opposition ‘crowd gathering’ evil antics and gimmicks  were : Feeble Victor Silva who was  over 80 years of age from Kandy and 60 years old W.Indrani  from Nivitigala .

It was very unfortunate these two individuals were fated to die this way  at a meeting organized by the joint opposition crooks and the corrupt who hired crowds to the meeting via payments. These crooks and the corrupt who were only  concerned about getting down crowds at any cost to serve only their selfish political agendas and pariah goals  did not provide necessary drinking water facilities for the crowd or have First  Aid teams to attend to emergencies. Though there were numerous super luxury vehicles of the rogues and rascals  at the   Green , no measures were taken to dispatch the casualties to hospital on time . As a result the two victims had to die under most untimely and unfortunate circumstances among the evil away from their dear ones.

A hospital spokesman speaking to Lanka e news said , the two victims died due to intense heat and from  dehydration . However if they were fetched to the  hospital on time , they could have been saved, he added.

This is the first time in the history of May day rallies in Sri Lanka , not on e but two individuals died at a single rally  .  This demonstrates how cruel this May day rally organizers of the Joint opposition were  who wickedly risked  the lives  of the innocent participants simply because the eagerness of the organizers was only  to  gather crowds for the rally .

Herein are two aerial views of the Gall Face green rally . Based on those , it is clear there wasn’t much of a crowd for people to die owing to  crowds. Hence , these two victims could have been easily identified and saved . Therefore it is the organizers of the joint opposition rogues’ rally who should be held fully responsible for these two deaths.

As always it was the  notorious crook  Basil Rajapakse for whom a revolving door has been installed in prison ( for he goes in and comes out so often) who was in charge of gathering crowds by hook or by crook for the crooks’ rally. It is a well known fact that this crook while the Rajapakses  were in power abducted innocent people in white Van and  killed them . Now even out of power , he cannot rid himself of that favorite hobby of killing people . 

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