Mahinda begged for a meeting with Modi!

(Lanka-e-News – 14.May.2017, 11.00PM)  Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi after his arrival in Sri Lanka ,  following an earnest request made by deposed president Mahinda Rajapakse met the latter on the  11th (night ) .  Based on reports from Diplomatic sources , though the meeting was short between them , Mahinda had to face a long tirade  from Modi.

After the dinner hosted by  president Maithripala Sirisena   , Mahinda was given an opportunity  by Modi to meet him  at the residence of the Indian High Commissioner to Sri Lanka  .

Mahinda in fact secured the appointment only after making pleas to the Indian High Commissioner .This was because Mahinda was not given an appointment based on  the agenda of the Indian P.M.

Poor Mahinda arrived to meet Modi with Gotabaya and G.L.Peiris . With the Indian P.M. were the Indian High commissioner to S.L, Indian security adviser Ajith Kumar Deval and foreign secretary S.Jayashankar, and a group .

Mody who ignored G.L.Peiris and Gotabaya ,and did not speak a word with them , spoke only with Mahinda and that was to sternly warn him.  Modi had warned Mahinda not to obstruct the development programs of the government , and not to incite racial tensions citing the ETCA agreement.

Modi had categorically told Mahinda not to arouse racial  disharmony in order to oppose the new constitution which is being prepared to build reconciliation among the races.

When Mahinda was trying to give an answer , Modi without paying heed  had forestalled it  by  expressing his regrets over  the attempts  made at  Mahinda’s Galle face green May day rally to provoke the people to hoist black flags against Modi’s  visit .

Mahinda who became red faced  and was sweating did not know where to hide his face . He was so panic stricken and guilt ridden  he forgot even his  own  cursed shawl on him which he could have used to hide his face  and wipe his sweat. Though  Mahinda tried to defend himself by explaining , it was told by one of the speakers on stage  ,Modi had disdainfully ignored him.

Following  the brief 30 mins. meeting , even when he was leaving Modi did not talk to Gota or G.L.

No matter what , Mahinda who  never fails to give a ‘voice cut’ even if he fails miserably in everything else  , was like a dumb person just admitted to  the deaf and blind school after the meeting . He did not utter a word about what transpired between him and Modi  , after his much longed for meeting with Modi .

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