Tamil Man guilty of sexual assault in Harrow and Ealing

A man has been convicted of a linked series of sex attacks carried out on women in the Ealing and Harrow areas last year.

Sinuthujaan Yoganathan, 32 (19.08.84) of St Margaret’s Avenue, Harrow was found guilty of five sexual assaults and one attempted sexual assault following a three week trial at Isleworth Crown Court on Monday, 5 June.

He will be sentenced at the court on 28 July.

The conviction follows a successful joint investigation by officers at Ealing and Harrow CID.

Detective Inspector Tom Williams, who led the investigation, said:

“I am pleased with this guilty verdict, especially for the brave victims who had to suffer Yoganathan’s attacks. I would like to thank them for their courage throughout our investigation and this prosecution.

“The evidence that our team worked to gather put beyond reasonable doubt the offences that Yoganathan had carried out.”

“It is possible that there may be other, unreported victims of Yoganathan, or even similar attacks. I hope this conviction shows victims that we will do all we can to bring serious offenders in these cases before a court.”

The court heard how between April 2016 and July 2016 five women were sexually assaulted by a man in the Perivale, Northolt and Harrow areas. The defendant has targeted lone females late at night in order to sexually assault them. On one occasion he attempted to sexually assault a sixth victim.

Whilst the method and the description of the suspect led police to link the attacks, there was no DNA evidence recovered that could identify a suspect.

In one attack a car was found to have been used by the suspect – a white Audi A6 saloon. On the 14 August 2016 officers on patrol of the area affected by the attacks, saw a white Audi A6. They stopped the car and its driver – identified as Yoganathan – was subsequently arrested in connection with the investigation.

In a search of his home address officers recovered a distinctive Scotland football shirt that matched a description of what the suspect was wearing in the 10 July 2016 offence.

Five of the victims subsequently positively identified Yoganathan as their attacker.

In interview Yoganathan could give no explanation for being identified as the attacker in five of the offences. During his trial, he gave a completely different version of events to what he had said to police in interview.

In particular, when shown CCTV of his car in the area of attacks, and asked to explain how his football shirt matched the description of that worn by the attacker, he attempted to blame someone he knew, saying he had access to his cars and clothes. However, he later admitted that the person in the CCTV was in fact himself.

Yoganathan was subsequently charged.

He was found guilty of the following offences at court:

– Sexual assault against a female (victim 1) in Cecil Manning Close, Perivale on 24 April 2016;
– Sexual assault against a female (victim 2) in Hapgood Close, Northolt on 3 July 2016;
– Sexual assault against a female (victim 3) in Eastcote Lane, South Harrow on 10 July 2016;
– Sexual assault against a female (victim 4) in, Alexandra Avenue, Rayners Lane on 16 July 2016;
– Sexual assault against a female (victim 5) in Herga Court, Harrow-on-the Hill on 16 July 2016;
– Attempted sexual assault against a female (victim 6) in Acock Grove, Northolt on 17 July 2016

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