‘We have ability to unleash extremism’ says BBS in response to anti-Muslim violence arrests

Sri Lanka’s Police arrested five people in connection with a recent surge in anti-Muslim violence in South of the island on Sunday.

Of the 5 that were arrested, one unidentified man is thought to be linked to Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) who are deemed largely responsible for inciting violence against the Muslim community in Sri Lanka.

“The police was able to arrest a 32 year old person who is directly related to four arson attacks. The person has direct links with Bodu Bala Sena. Since 2014 he has been associating with Bodu Bala Sena. ” Sri Lanka’s police spokesman Priyantha Jayakody told reporters.

Responding to the arrest and accusations of inciting violence, the CEO of BBS Dilanthe Withanage said,

“We have ability to unleash terrorism, extremism and violence, but not behind (latest) anti-Muslim attacks.”

Over 20 attacks on the Muslim community have been recorded since April.

A court order has been placed on for the investigation of the leader of the Bodu Bala Sena Gnanasara Thera. The police is yet to call him in for questioning amidst several Sinhala nationalist public protests against his investigation

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We have ability to unleash extremism says BBS in response to anti-Muslim violence arrests

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