Northern Provincial Council Brings No Confidence Motion Against Chief Minister Wigneswaran

A No Confidence Motion was brought against Northern Province Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran yesterday.

Sri Lankan  government which is fooling the UN with false promises of implementing a political package and avoiding action on Sinhala leaders who had committed War Crimes is benefited by removing the Chief Minister who was the Chief Justice in Sri Lanka and a outspoken Leader.

Chief Minister Wigneswaren is the most popular Tamil leader in Sri Lanka today and due to his knowledge of being the chief justice and a Colombo based Non Political leader he is known to be the most outspoken honest Tamil person in Sri Lanka and his popularity among the Tamils have put the Sinhala and Tamil politicians of Sri Lanka known for fraudulent activities on alert and they have united to remove this honest leader. A political analyst said that any one who behaves like CM Wigneswaran and has a clean hand will be removed from the political

Twenty-one members of the Northern Provincial Council signed the No Confidence Motion and handed it to Northern Province Governor Reginald Cooray.

Meanwhile Northern Province Chief Minister C. V. Wigneswaran has asked for the resignation on two Northern Provincial Council members.

This was move was based on allegations of bribery and corruption brought against the two Northern Provincial Council members.

It is Claimed that this is a long waited PM Ranil’s plan implemented through MP Sumanthiran  and  CVK Sivagnam is used  by offering CM position.

Will  TNA Leader Sambanthan  get involved and stop this and put the house in order and save the TNA?, if Mr Wickneswarn who has won the hearts and mind of the Tamil people  specially in the north is removed with no confidence motion Tamil people will turn their back to TNA  in the next parliament election which is the aim of the Srilankan government and  Sumanthiran. Sumanthiran would get his position from UNP in return.

TNA will not have a future in politics without Mr Wickneswaran in a decision making position  in the party and lead the party in the next election as Tamil people has lost confidence  in the current leadership you could see that from the voters turn over in the last election it would be worst in the  future this what the sri lankan government aiming objective.

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