15-signature petition to counter CV’s no-faith motion

A petition signed by 15 members of the Northern Provincial Council (NPC) to counter the No Confidence Motion submitted against Chief Minister C.V. Vigneswaran, was handed over to Governor Reginald Cooray last night.

A group of NPC members including Tamil National Alliance (TNA) Councillor M.K. Shivajilimgam had handed over the petition.

The councillors told the Governor that Mr. Vigneswaran should continue as the Chief Minister.

However, the Governor’s office said no affidavit was found attached with the last night’s motion but 15 affidavits had been attached to the no-faith motion submitted against the Chief Minister.

The No Confidence Motion was signed by 21 provincial councillors.

The ‘No Confidence’ Motion signed by 21 Councillors, including four Ministers, stating that the Chief Minister had ‘unnecessarily caused inconvenience’ by attempting to remove two of their Provincial Ministers namely P. Ayngaranesan and T. Kurukularajah.

The Chief Minister called for their voluntary resignation over alleged financial frauds against them and also demanded another two Provincial Ministers to go on ‘compulsory leave’ pending a probe into allegations against them which the ITAK Leader says was ‘against their wish and party rule’.

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