PM Ranils game to oust CM Wigneswaran

PM Ranil was not in talking terms with Northern Province Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran and he is accused of a plot to oust  CM Wigneswaran from office as the Chief Minister of the Northern Province.

PM Ranil is called a ‘fox’ in political arena and he cleverly fools TNA leading MP’s by promising to implement a political package. The Sinhala politicians have been cheating the Tamils since independence from British of offering broken promises of equal rights.

The Sinhala leaders have divided the Tamil MP’s by offering Minister posts and bribes and ruled the country until the Tamil youth rose against the government. The outcome of the failing of democratically elected MP’s to deliver a political package and discrimination in Education and Jobs to Tamils created LTTE the freedom fighters.

In May 2009 than president Mahinda Rajapaksha managed to fool the western leaders and killed more than 40,000 Tamil civilians and killed more than 1000 LTTE Leaders and their family members who surrendered with White Flag after UN negotiated the surrender. Then president Mahinda promised the western leaders that he will implement a political package if he is allowed to killed the Tamils.

But once killing was over President took cover behind China and Russia and supporting them in UN resolutions hence the Western leaders including USA President Obama and British PM Cameron  had to keep their mouths shut.

Former Chief Minister of Northern Province.C.V. Wigneswaran  who lived in Colombo and close to Sinhala political leaders was elected as the Chief Minister of Northern Province. Moving to Jaffna as the Chief Minister of Northern Province Mr Wigneswaran learned and  realised the hardship and discriminations the Tamils face in Northern Province compared to Sinhala people. 

Due to his honesty and as the Chief Minister of Northern Province,  Mr Wigneswaran spoke for equal  rights for the minority Tamil people which angered the Sinhala leaders especially PM Ranil.  Wigneswaran was asked to be a asian politician and enjoy the benefits but he refused and continued to speak for the rights of the Tamils.

A secret plan is believed to have been organised by the Sinhala government to remove CM Wigneswaran and replace him with a Tamil politician who will enjoy the state benefits and follow the Sinhala government instructions and avoid the War Crime investigation by the Sinhala Army and members of the Rajapaksha family who ordered the crime.

Yesterday, the former Supreme Court Judge told a sea of supporters congregated outside his home that when Regional Development Minister Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka visited Jaffna two weeks ago he had said that ‘very soon Wigneswaran will be ripped off his post’.

He noted: “Between us there isn’t any issue and I was wondering why he made that statement, but it provided a clue that the plot was hatched in Colombo,” he added. “I knew there was a plot to oust me. I am not worried about the persons behind it but I know how it was planned to corner me,” the Chief Minister said.

In his view the corruption charges against the four ministers, whether probed or not, would ‘land him in trouble’.

“They knew I am going to take some strict action against our Ministers in the Northern Province as there were reports regarding these ministers. They knew that as the Chief Minister I will have to deal with it one way or the other. I will have to ‘protect’ them or take action against them. If I protect them, I can be framed for favouring them and if I punish them, I will be accused of doing so and that is exactly what had happened,” he pointed out.

He said that when he dealt with the corruption charges, they brought in the ‘No confidence’ motion against him.

Noting that there is no defeat or victory for a man who does his job correctly, the Chief Minister reiterated that it was the Council members who tabled requests for him to probe the corruption charges against the Ministers. “The Councillors never came forward in person and complained about the corruption allegations against the ministers. Instead, they sneaked to the media about it to make the paper popular,” he noted. He said that the probe committee was appointed in accordance with the rules and conditions of the NPC.

According to him, the Committee proved that two of the four ministers were found guilty while the charges against the other two were inconclusive due to the absence of the complainant on that day. He added that since the complainant did not turn up that day, the two accused ministers went about claiming that they were not guilty of corruption charges but in the meantime there were more reports mounting against them.

“When there was a considerable number of charge sheets, we decided to hold another round of inquiries,” he noted. He said that if corruption issues were not addressed they will have to face a worse scenario later on.

It also brings us to light that the BBS Leader Gnanasara Thero claimed two weeks ago that The North and East of Sri Lanka were Sinhala areas and Tamils must go to India. On Thursday the Colombo Fort Magistrate issued an arrest warrant on Galagoda Aththe Gnanasara Thero for failing to be present in Court when two cases against him were being heard.  The warrant was issued because of a blunder by the lawyers representing Ven. Gnanasara, but he has not been arrested yet and it is claimed in some press that the government is protecting him from the police. The Tamils are showing these acts of Sinhala leaders as example of not having trust in local courts and calling for International judges for War Crime investigation.

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