New Army Commander denies war crimes charges

The new Commander of the Sri Lanka Army Lieutenant General Mahesh Senanayake has vehemently denied allegations that the tri-forces committed war crimes.

Speaking to media after officially assuming duties as the Army Commander said the Army works with discipline and dedication.

Lieutenant General Senanayake said certain persons are levelling various baseless allegations.

The Commander said without discipline and dedication there can be no army adding that wearing a uniform alone doesn’t make one a solider.

He noted groups levelling allegations have not witnessed a crime but they speak of something they have heard adding that he, as a person who has been with the army knows the army did not bow down.

The Commander noted the army is prepared to face any charge.

Lieutenant General Mahesh Senanayake added disciplinary action will be taken against any soldiers if found to have been involved any crime.

The Commander said a in group of 200,000 persons one might see a few of them committing crimes adding that it is a social issue.

He noted however continuously bringing this up is the problem adding that if there has been a crime committed those will be addressed.

Lieutenant General Senanayake also commented on land belonging to the people in the North and East being handed back to their rightful owners.

The Commander said the army in the North and East acquired land during the conflict, but once the mission was complete, they handed back land following the observational period.

He said the army now knows the daily routine in those areas adding that essential camps will remain while other areas will be released to the public.

The Commander said there is no threat to security adding that decisions in this regard should be made by those who are versed on the subject.

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