Tamils Need Very Very Urgent Attention’ ;Tamil Genocidal Alliance Powers

Release May 17 Movement leader without any further delay.

Now Tamil Nadu Rules by the BJP Indian Government / RSS / RAW, which party bought whole ADMK members for multi billion rupees. The whole ADMK members well controls by the BJP government So whoever comes to power in ADMK will work under BJP government including Ms Sasikala family so the world Tamil organisations should strongly oppose the ADMK party and DMK party. Tamils shouldn’t support any Diravida parties in Tamil Nadu. 
The Genocidal Indian Government and their policy makers works against to Tamils and to their aspirations, because of this the Tamil Genocidal BJP / ADMK / RAW / RSS / DMK / United Nations / Mullivaikal Foreign Genocidal Alliance Powers together made many deadliest plans to carryout on Tamil Nadu Tamil National Movements and on the world Tamil National organisations. Now these powers shown their cruel face by arresting the May 17 Movement leader Thiru Thirumurugan Gandhi so the world Tamils must be aware of these deadliest genocidal powers plans. Also many world Tamil Organisations too well controls by these genocidal powers and the main leading members of these World Tamil Organisations have got multi million pounds / dollars from these Tamil Genocidal Powers because of this now all these organisations keeping silent and not do any massive protests against to these genocidal powers. They too become as ADMK Party in Tamilnadu so the World Tamil Student Organisations and the Tamil Youth Organisations should start a Very Powerful Tamil National Organisation in Europe. Also Tamileelam North / East Students must unite and must start a Tamil National Organisation. 
If any genuine organisations doing protest against to the Tamil Genocidal Powers then they must do protests in week days so if they do protests on weekends then they must also organize that protest in a weekday because weekday protests will reach many thousand people.
The Indian BJP Government also sent their genocidal message to the Eelam Northern Provincial Chief MinisterThiru CV Wigneswaan by their Tamilnaadu BJP party so we have to carefully watch Thiru CV Wigneswaran. Even he can too act as following Tamil Nationalism to fool the Tamileelam Tamils as Genocidal Agents Running TNA Party so currently one and only genuine Party and Organisation in Tamileelam is Thamil Makkal Peravai & TNPF Political Party so Thiru Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam genuinely working for Tamils aspirations as May 17 Movement leader Thiru Thirumurugan Gandhi so the World Tamil Organisations and Tamileelam organisations should give their overwhelming support to Tamil National Peole’s Front and to Thamil Makkal Peravai.
Please organize continuous massive scale meetings and for protests to take place in world wide to implement more plans in world wide to bring justice to Tamil Genocidal Victims in Mulivaikal and for the independence on Tamileelam. Also for the deadliest genocidal powers arrests of Tamil National Movement activits. 
Tamil National Liberation Organisations need massive bases in world wide so the genuine Tamil National Organisations must ask the Tamil multi billion businessmen to support for their operations to implement powerful plans in world wide for the Eelam independence and to bring justice for the Tamil Genocide Victims.
Tharane Vasekaran
Vanakam Tamils.
The Eelam Tamils and the World Tamils have given their overwhelming support to the Northern Provincial Council Chief Minister Thiru CV Wigneswaran who is currently followingoing the Tamil Nationalism to fullfill the Tamils aspirations to achieve their self determination and their own independent Tamil state in Eelam and then he will become the next Tamil National Leader for the Eelam Tamils and for the Whole World Tamils. 
Now the Tamil genocidal powers and their Tamil Genocidal Agents (Thamilaracu Katche ) and especially these genocidal powers running main Tamil medias in Eelam and in Abroad shocked by Thiru CM Wigneswaran’s Powerful Tamil Nationalism Approach to win the Tamil Eelam independent state. The genocidal powers may do against to Thiru Vigneswaran and may plan to give poisonous food / medicines to make him medically unfit to get diseases as they done to Palestine leader So the chief minister should keep away those suspicious people and also must be aware of his consumin food / medicines specially while visit hospitals must go with his personal doctor. These nasty genocidal Thamilaracu Katche and their genocidal Tamil medias may plan to assist the genocidal countries to get much fund for their families so Tamils in Eelam and in abroad must call for powerful protests / conferences / meetings to take place and to make awareness of deadliest Tamil Medias / Thamilaracu Katche  which acted for many years as Tamils genuine Tamil National medias / Tamil National Party. Now all these poisonous agents removed their Tamil Nationalism and shown their nasty ugly faces.
Tamils in Worldwide may disappointed by their believeness on some main Tamil Medais / Tamil Web News, which Tamil medias / web news acted as the Tamil National Medias / Web News for many years but Tamils believed these deadliest medias by their foolishnesss because Tamils haven’t got much thinking power as other human races because of this lack of thinking, Tamils lost their independence war on gencodal powers hands. If they had powerful thinking power they might now living in an Tamil Eelam independence state. Even now they are fooled by these genocidal agents running Tamil Medias / Tamil Web News Agencies who now removed their Tamil Nationalism face and shown their brutal Tamil Genocidal face on the Northern Provincial Chief Minister Thiru CV Wigneswaran but now these genocidal countries and Tamil Genocidal Medias shocked by the power of Thiru CV Wigneswaran who has shown his power by powerful protests. Now these genocidal countries and their Genicdal Agents (Thamilacu Katche) and their their Tamil Genocidal Medias have shown their original Tamil Genocidal agent face to whole world Tamils. So Tamils should be aware of these nasty poisonous Tamil Medias / Tamil Web News who so far fooled the Tamil people by their deadliest poisonous news. At least now Tamil people started to think about their foolishness mistakes in the past.
The whole world Tamils knows that now genocidal Sri Lankan government and the Tamil Genocidal Agents ruling TNA (Thamilarasu Katche) working together to remove the Northern Provincial Council Chief Minister Thiru CV Wigneswaran who changed his previous policy and started to follow the Tamil Nationalism and now become the Tamil National Leader for the Tamils in Eelam. 
The whole genocidal powers working together against to Tamils rights in Tamil Eelam with support of Thamilarasu Katche and also some main Tamil medias who acts in the form of Tamil Nationalism runs by these deadliest genocidal agents and they are well paid by the genocidal countries to work under their guidance to destroy Tamil Nationalism and against to Tamils rights in Tamil Eelam so Tamils in Eelam and in Abroad must be aware of these poisonous Tamil Medias who openly support the leadership of the Thamilarasu Katche and for destroying Tamil Nationalism in Eealm. 
The whole world Tamils should strengthen the Thamil Makkal Peravai to form a powerful Tamil National party in Eelam. Please listen the Tamil Genocidal Agents ruling Thamilarasu Katche leader says that thamilan must call as Srilankan then how Thamilan will get their rights and justice for the genocide of Tamils in Mulliwaikal from the United Nations. Also, listen the Tamil Genocidal Agents Thamilarasu Katche running media’s news. 
Thamilan has gone back to 1970 and in this situation, Tamil youths in Eelam may arise to bring Tamil National rights and justice for the genocide of Tamils.
Please listen the following video which media openly showing that their media runs by the genocidal countries to destroy Tamil Nationalism and openly started to work against to Tamils rights and against to genuine Tamil Nationalism following Thamil Makkal Peravai, TNPF Party and against Tamil NationalIsm following Northern Provincial Leader and Chief Minister Thiru CV Wigneswaran same like this media, there are some london based medias who before acted as Tamil National Medias working together with the Tamil Genocidal countries to destroy Tamils rights and to destroy Tamil Nationalism so Tamils be aware of all these deadliest Tamil Genocidal agents running medias which gether all information from the genuine Tamil Nationalism following members organisations and then handover all of then to these deadliest Tamil genocidal countries. They are well paid by the genocidal powers for their genocidal agent work.

Please organize urgent protests to take place in worldwide for the arrest of May 17 Movement leader Thirunurugan by the genocidal Indian government. The whole world Tamil people knows that Thirumurugan is a human rights activist and has given his life to bring justice for the genocide of Eelam Tamils in Mullivaikal. The most brutal genocidal government of India’s foreign policy works against Tamils rights so they have shown their cruel face through the arrest of Thirumurugan. They think that there is no one in the world to question them for their brutal barbarism. So the world Tamil organizations and Tamil political parties in Eelam and in Abroad should organize urgent protests to take place in front of the genocidal Indian high commission. The world Tamils and Eelam Tamils must show their strength through their protests.  
Even Naam Thamilar and Vaiko and Thiru Nedumaran too keeping silent without doing any protests in Tamilnadu. Also wondering any genuine Tamil organizations in European countries voicing for Thirumurugan or even Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam too not organized protests against to genocidal Indian government for the arrest of Thirumurugan. Why Even Canada, London, France, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, and Malaysia too not doing protests?
We are also asking the Eelam Tamils, civil society, Jaffna University and the TNPF party to come forward to organize big protests to take place in North and East of Tamil Eelam and must request the genocidal government of India to release May 17 Movement leader without any further delay.
Tharane Vasekaran. 

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