PM Ranil must resign regarding the Hambantota port deal.

When constructing the Hambantota port alone somebody in the Rajapaksa regime had pocketed Rs 15000 million (US $ 100 million), says Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe. Is this government officials not fit to find out the missing Rs 15000 million? or is the PM Ranil’s team given the Lion’s share of the deal to say that they cannot find the Rs 15000 million?. 

PM Ranil is suspected of having a close relationship with the Rajapaksha family who ruled Sri Lanka before Maithiri-Ranil came to power.  Maithiri-Ranil came to power accusing Rajapaksha family of abusing their power, accused of fraudulent financial deals and killing people who opposed them.

But after comming to power PM Ranil is abusing his powers to help Rajapaksha family members and their associates to cover up their fraudulent financial deals and murders of their opponents. The President Maithiri himself has accused Ranil of supporting Rajapaksha and his associates.

It is unbelievable that the financial officials are unable to locate the missing Rs 15000 million, If the officials are unfit to find the missing Rs 15000 million then Sri Lanka must get international standard educated officers to find the missing fund. Will President Maithiri or PM Ranil do it? the answer is confident ”NO”, they will not do it.

At the opening ceremony of the modernized milk factory in Ambewela yesterday, Prime Minister Wickremesinghe said: “the Rajapaksa regime had spent US $ 1500 million for the construction of the Hambantota port. But when we were signing latest deal, we selected the company who offered the highest bid which is US $ 1400 million. That means the port’s value is only US $ 1400 million.”

Who pocketed the balance US $ 100 million which is equivalent to Rs 15,000 million the Prime Minister asked. Last week the government signed a tripartite agreement to ease the debt ridden port. The agreement was signed between the China Merchant Port (CMP), Sri Lanka Ports Authority and the Ministry of Ports and Shipping. The signed deal gave the Sri Lankan government US $ 1.4 billion.

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