Wiggy blasts Thavarajah

BY Thambithurai Pratheepan

Northern Chief Minister

C.V. Wigneswaran yesterday (17) claimed that in order to safeguard his position in the Northern Provincial Council (NPC), Opposition Leader S. Thavarajah was attempting to show that the Council was incapable of functioning.

Speaking at yesterday’s Council sittings, Wigneswaran said, “The leader of the Opposition, to safeguard his position in the council, had always tried to show that we are incapable.”

He added that the Opposition Leader had become unpopular amongst his party membership and was therefore, in order to safeguard his position, trying to gain media publicity.

An argument occurred between the Opposition Leader and the Chief Minister during the 102nd sitting of the Northern Provincial Council, when the debate on the performance of the council, during the past three years and nine months, was taken up for discussion.

“We have performed many tasks during our tenure; however the Opposition leader, who has failed to agree with us, continues to criticize us. As he had become an unpopular member in his party, in order to safeguard his seat during the upcoming elections, he is now looking forward to gaining publicity from the media,” he said.

The heated argument continued between Thavarajah and Wigneswaran. However Chairman of the Council C. V. K. Sivagnanam requested Thavarajah to continue his argument during the time allocated to him. Following which Chief Minister Wigneswaran continued his speech.

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