Face-lift for Thileepan monument Damaged by various parties

By Mirudhula Thambiah

The Northern Provincial Council (NPC) is to work with the Jaffna Municipal Council (JMC) to renovate and preserve the Thileepan monument, which was subjected to constant destruction by various parties since its inception in 1988.

NPC Chairman C. V .K. Sivagnanam said the monument in Nallur is dilapidated and a decision was adopted by the house to take necessary action to clean the surroundings and renovate it.

This monument was initially erected in 1988, but was destroyed by various groups and was reinstated in 1999. “We will collaboratively carry out the task with the JMC to initially……clean the place where the monument is situated as it is surrounded by pollution. There is an ice cream parlour opposite the monument, where customers have been accustomed to throwing garbage including ice cream covers, especially during the Nallur Temple Festival,” he said. “After cleaning the area, we will slowly renovate the monument,” he said. Thileepan, LTTE’s political leader for Jaffna, staged a hunger strike in front of the Nallur Kandaswamy Temple, and died on the 12th day of his fast on 26 September 1987.

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