”Soldiers will not be tried internationally” Justice Minister

Even if War Crimes were committed by the Sri Lankan military on Tamils than they will not be punished. President Maithiri will  follow the steps of Former Sri Lankan President Mahinda and protect the killers as long as they are members of the Sinhala Community and have killed the Tamils.

The new Minister speaking to media after officially assuming duties as Justice Minister this morning said the government will take measures to protect those who dedicated their loves for the country.

The Minister added the government is bound to protect the country’s sovereignty and those who serve the country.

Minister Athukorala said the government’s responsibility is to protect soldiers and not use them for personal political gain.

Minister Thalatha Athukorala added she is dedicated towards ensuring efficiency in hearing cases against corruption including protecting the independency of the judiciary.

The Minister noted individuals did not raise their voices when the Attorney General’s Department was under Mahinda Rajapaksa due to fear of being killed, Human Rights activits and journalists who questioned the government of abusing the powere were killed by the Sri Lankan forces with the full blessing of defence ministry.

Under the good governance government the Minister said the judiciary is independent but the promises made by the president Maithiri and PM Ranil that they will arrest and charge the culprits under Mahinda government has not been done or never will be done.

PM Ranil is accused of supporting fraudsters under Mahinda government and protecting them. It is said that Ranil has promised Mahinda that he will use his powers to protect the Mahinda family from being arrested or charged.

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