On alleged war crimes I am willing to testify in any Court (IN SRI LANKA NOT IN INTERNATIONAL COURT) – Gen. Jayasuriya

10291039_10203811600151801_5173887709138881263_nOn alleged war crimes I am willing to testify in any Court (IN SRI LANKA NOT IN INTERNATIONAL COURT).

By Sulochana Ramiah Mohan

Retired General Jagath Jayasuriya (69) said he is willing to testify in any Court, regardless of its name, on alleged war crimes he is accused of in various reports, but in a government-led process.

In an extensive interview with Ceylon Today, he said, “If the country has accepted a mechanism to sort it out, then we have to face it. If we are summoned, we cannot refuse to go for that inquiry. All must be lined up and inquired.”

When asked whether he would accept a Special Court, as the Government has assured the UN, to try alleged war crimes that could perhaps clear his name, he said, “No problem.

What we want is, have a Court or whatever its name (or anything else), and finish it off.”

He also said if there is evidence, definitely it should be proved. “I think all Army Commanders have categorically stated if there is something against an individual, it can be investigated. There are procedures too. Within the military, we have probed cases with evidences and some have been convicted too. There is no problem in that. At the moment what is happening is that a few names known at that time are being accused of having committed war crimes. If something had happened, there could be someone responsible too.” For the first time, according to Gen Jayasuriya, his name has propped up alleging he had committed war crimes. He denied any knowledge of war crimes as he was not on the frontline warring but was in charge of defensive operations.

The International Truth and Justice Project (ITJP) led by international human rights lawyer Yasmin Sooka and several other war crimes prosecutors lodged a complaint at the Ministry of the Federal Reserve Brazil last week.

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