Minister Sarath Fonseka Vs Brazil Ambassador Jayasuriya

624945b8e5d25aaf8740b7d79680dbec_XLFormer Army Commander Field Marshal Fonseka had said that Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa had ordered the killing of some surrendering LTTE leaders in May 2009. But once given the Minister post by Maithiri-Ranil team he closed his mouth now Fonseka has said he is ready to testify against Maj. Gen. Jayasuriya a close associate of Gotabhaya and produce evidence in support of his claims. What will he be offered by Ranil- Maithiri for not telling the truth about the war crimes committed by the Maj.Gen. is a question mark.

The White flag surrender was negotiated between Sri Lankan Government Leaders and LTTE Leaders by the UN officials in May 2009 and the LTTE Leaders surrendered with White flag. Few political leaders and their family members were killed at the boarder line in present of the public and others were put on buses and taken away by the Sri Lankan forces. The SL government have now said that they have no records of LTTE Leaders who surrendered with white flag and PM had said that it must be assumed that they are dead. The UN Negotiator Nambiar when questioned had said that after negotiations ‘he went to sleep’ and did not know what happened to the LTTE Leaders who surrendered with white flag.

mahinda-hitlerFormer Army Commander Field Marshal and Minister Sarath Fonseka, has accused his successor General Jagath Jayasuriya of having committed serious offences against (LTTE members and Leaders) persons in captivity. Fonseka’s allegations have come close on the heels of a war crimes case filed against former Army Commander Jayasuriya in Brazil, where he served as Sri Lanka’s ambassador.

Maj. Gen. Jayasuriya claimed in 2008 that he had under him several divisions engaged in operations on the Vanni front obviously in a bid to claim the credit for the army’s impressive victories. Interestingly, when the Army Headquarters, at the behest of the then Army Commander Lt. Gen. Fonseka, hurriedly denied his statement; that rebuttal gave the impression to the media and the public that Jayasuriya was trying to bask in the reflected glory of the victorious troops. In fact, Jayasuriya had no say in military operations on the Vanni front at that time.

Maj. Gen. Jayasuriy was close to Gothapaya Rajapaksha and was accused of helping him with the killings of Tamil Leaders, Journalists, Human rights activists and anyone who opposed the plan of  ‘Rajapaksha family rule of Sri Lanka’ by members of military and para military group. Eventually  Rajapaksha brothers appointed him as the army commander over the heads of about ten officers senior to him  being kicked upstairs as the Chief of Defence Staff.

UntitledBrazil is a country Rajapakshas used to send army commanders with human rights abuses to stay under diplomatic cover, Major General  Gunaratna is accused of taking orders from Defence minister to kill the 14 year old Balachandran son of LTTE Leader Prabaharan who surrendered with White flag after UN negotiated the surrender. Channel 4 exposed the killing of the child and Major General Gunaratnam was sent immediately as the Deputy ambassador to Brazil to stay with diplomatic protection.

President Mahinda Rajapaksa, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces has promoted Commander of the Army, Lieutenant General Jagath Jayasuriya VSV USP ndu psc to the rank of General, to be effective retrospectively from 1st June 2013. General Jagath Jayasuriya is the 19th Commander of the Army. He assumed office on 15th July 2009, months after the war against terrorism was brought to completion.

fonseka JayasuriaThe government must probe Fonseka’s allegations against Jayasuriya immediately and thoroughly. If Jayasuriya is found guilty he should be punished appropriately; if he proves his innocence, then Fonseka must be made to pay for making false allegations. But in Sri Lanka racism card is used by politicians to survive their powers, frauds or the killings and President Maithiri or Ranil are no exception to Rajapaksha family members on safeguarding their powers. It is claimed that they will have to cover up the war crimes done by the SL Forces to stay in power.

Interestingly PM ranil who came to power promising to expose the financial frauds and killings by Rajapaksha family members is now accused of protecting them, the big question is ‘What percentage is he getting’ out of the funds and gold gone missing during the Rajapaksha rule? Ranils UNP party accused Basil Rajapaksha of getting 10% commission from contracts during the Rajapaksha rule.


Spanish lawyer Carlos Castresana Fernández and the South Africa-headquartered International Truth and Justice Project (ITJP) in partnership with human rights organisations in Latin America have been instrumental in filing the war crimes case at issue against Jayasuriya.

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