MR ‘s admission : Two opinions emerge against MR over Rs. 600 million Sil cloth racket !

(Lanka-e-News – 15.Sep.2017, 11.55PM) Following the report of   Lanka e news captioned ‘Action can be filed against MR over his open admission ! Then why wait ? Legal fraternity asks,’ two schools of thought have emerged .

Minister Rajitha Senaratne  at  the cabinet media briefing on 13 th said, Mahinda Rajapakse can be prosecuted on his statement,  confirming our earlier report. ‘ Mahinda Rajapakse  could have admitted this before and not after the court had delivered its verdict , and the accused were  jailed ,’’Rajitha asserted.

Now it has been proved the wrong has been committed. Hence , even if Mahinda denies , it is he who  has committed the wrong. During the  trial that lasted 24 days , surely Mahinda could have come before court and made that admission . The court would have also permitted   that.  But Mahinda did not do that.  Instead after the accused were  incarcerated , when returning after visiting them in jail , he makes this admission, by saying ‘I am the one who committed the wrong.’ This demonstrates what kind of a hero he is .

Now, it is possible for another individual to  file a case in court based on MR’s  admission that he did it. If he is accepting the wrong , he can also be ordered to be hauled up in  court , by filing a case, ‘ Rajitha explained when responding to a question posed by a journalist.

Meanwhile , a senior lawyer who  was also  involved in the proceedings  of the case of Lalith Weeratunge and Anusha Pelpita speaking to Lanka e news expressed another opinion….

‘While the investigation was under way , it was probed whether Mahinda Rajapakse had given written instructions to his secretary to distribute Sil cloths. There were no such orders .Moreover , in the written orders issued by Weeratunge to distribute Sil cloths , nowhere was it mentioned that was on the instructions of  ex president MR .Neither did Weeratunge during the court proceedings at any stage reveal he acted on  the orders of MR. Hence ,filing  a case based on the statements made by MR outside is   difficult.

In any case , when this Sil cloth distribution was done during the run up to election , when those cloths were sent to Temples,  there were a number of chief incumbents of Temples who said, ’ send those after elections’ .

It is noteworthy, not one of the treacherous  monks who are  today collecting funds to pay the fines of the culprits came to court then to give evidence to save Weeratunge. If they were genuine and truly wanted to save Weeratunge , they could have done that,’ the senior lawyer pointed out.

Two important announcements that surfaced following the recent court decision on Sil cloth distribution are hereunder..

Dayasiri Jayasekera who is always antagonistic to the good governance government even after grabbing a ministerial portfolio from the same government, and some others , were of the opinion that owing to the punishment meted out to State officers Weeratunge and Pelpita , the other state officers discharging official duties are disillusioned.  In response to this announcement , JVP leader and chief opposition whip Anura Dissanayake made an interesting  revelation….

DIG Ravi Waidyalankara and other police officers , the lawyers of the Attorney General’s department who filed the case , and the judge who delivered the verdict and  responsible for meting out punishment  to  the two culprits , are also  State officers . Therefore , how can the officers of the State get disillusioned  according to what Dayasiri and the other few are alleging ? the JVP leader questioned.

Field Marsha Sarath Fonseka also made a stunning revelation : The expenditure shown for a roll of   Sil cloth  was dollars  50.00 whereas the actual expenditure was  dollars 15.00 only. That means this Sil cloth distribution is an absolute racket . About two third of the amount of this fraud involving  Rs. 600 million  was  misappropriated. Hence another separate investigation should be conducted to decide into whose pocket that amount was siphoned off, Fonseka insisted.

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Action can be filed against MR over his open admission ! Then why wait ? Legal fraternity asks

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