While Sri Lankan President was addressing the UN – a mock Prosecution of Sri Lanka was held outside for War Crimes

While the Sri Lankan President was addressing the UN General Assembly, a mock prosecution was held outside the UN against Sri Lanka for committing Genocide, War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity.

Three judges presided the hearing. Prosecution and defense attorneys presented their arguments.

Several UN officials, diplomats and general public observed the proceedings with interest.

Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) organized this event.


Bailey: The International Justice and Peace Tribunal is in session now.
[3 Judges enter the courtroom]

Presiding Judge: We take Case Number – 001-17, International Civil Society v. Sri Lanka

The Prosecutor: My name is Logeswaran. I represent the Petitioner in the investigation of the charges against and prosecution of Sri Lanka pursuant to the Genocide Convention, the Geneva Convention, Humanitarian Law, and International Customary Law accuse as guilty the State of Sri Lanka of International Crimes of Genocide, Crimes Against Humanity, and War Crimes against the Tamils.

Count 1: During the Armed Conflict in the island of Sri Lanka, the state of Sri Lanka committed a crime of Genocide of the Tamils.
Count 2: During the Armed Conflict in the island of Sri Lanka committed CrimesAgainst Humanity
Count 3: During the Armed Conflict in the island of Sri Lanka the state of Sri Lanka committed War Crimes.

missingThe prosecution specifically alleges that the Sri Lankan state engaged in the following attacks among others:

I. Attacks on civilians in Government-Designated “No Fire Zones”
II. Attacks on Humanitarian Food Distribution Centers
III. Attacks on Civilian Hospitals
IV. Using Sexual Violence as an Instrument of Genocide
V. Employing Enforced Disappearance against Tamils as an Instrument of Genocide
VI. Maintaining Sex Slaves Camps Similar To The “Comfort Women” Camp run by the Japanese During the World War II as A Crime Against Humanity and An Instrument of Genocide.
VII. Sinhala Military Occupation of Tamil Homelands as a war crime
VIII. Employing Systematic and Pervasive Torture on the Tamils as war crimes and crimes against humanity

The Prosecution presents video recordings, satellite imagery, first-hand evidence of UN Staff, and the Channel 4 documentary ‘Killing Fields’.

Defense Counsel: My name is Jayantha Jayasuriya. I am the Attorney General of Sri Lanka, and I represent the state of Sri Lanka in this proceeding. We completely deny these false allegations. These false allegations were made by Western Imperialist and the Tamil Diaspora. All the evidence presented by the prosecution are fake. Sri Lanka has been engaged in a fight against global terrorist since its independence. What Sri Lanka did during the final stages of the Armed Conflict was nothing but a humanitarian rescue operation.

Prosecutor’s Rebuttal: The evidence was inspected by the experts from the UN and was found authentic. The circumstantial evidence compel a conclusion that there was a specific intent to kill the Tamil Nation in the Vanni Region in whole or in part. Even if it is assumed for the sake of argument that the Sri Lankan state was engaged in the global war on terror, it does not allow them to commit genocide or crimes against humanity or war crimes. These are peremptory norms of international law.

Also, the fact even now, 8 years after the Armed-Conflict according to the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights and Terrorism that the Sri Lankan state employs torture in a systematic and pervasive manner against the Tamil detainees reinforce our argument that the primary motive for the Sri Lankan State’s military action during the final stages of the war was to liquidate the Tamil Nation.

Presiding Judge: After reviewing the evidence, the Court is satisfied about the authenticity of the evidence provided. After hearing the submissions made by the prosecution and the defense, the Court enters the following verdict:

Count 1: Sri Lanka is guilty of the Crime of Genocide against the Tamils
Count 2: Sri Lanka is guilty of Crimes against Humanity
Count 3: Sri Lanka is guilty of War Crimes

Mother of The Disappeared: How is it possible that a Genocidaire and War Criminal is able to address the UN General Assembly during the Sept 2017 sessions?

A rally was also held to protest Sri Lankan President.

Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam
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