Why is stupid Lord Nasby Ignored?

Judging by the debate initiated by  Lord Nasby PC, it is clear that Mahinda Rajapaksha do have friends in the British establishment.

Lord Naseby has given misleading testimony to the House of Lords, and his remarks have been picked up in Sri Lanka and are being used in defence of the regime.

Lord Nasby a well known friend of Mahinda regime who is accused of enjoying Free holidays sponsored by Sri Lankan government has asked the British Parliament to prevail on the UN to stop threatening Sri Lanka over war crime allegations. He reminded his colleagues of the friend, Sri Lanka has been good to the UK. “Sri Lanka came to our need in two world wars and had casualties, and it was one of just a handful of countries who supported the UK over the Falklands.”  Therefore, he stated it is “time to offer the hand of friendship and act to lead the international community to recognize what the truth really was.”

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Uncovering Sri Lanka’s ‘White Flag Incident’ – Colombo Telegraph

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He wants the world to forget the killing of thousands of minorities by Sri Lankan forces. The UN has said that more than 40,000 Tamil civilians were killed in May 2009 alone by Sri Lankan forces but Lord Naseby says only 8,000 Tamil Civilians were killed by the Sri Lankan forces so the British must ignore the Killing and support his friend Mahinda who was the friend who misled the western world leaders that he will implement a (13+) political package to give equal rights to minority who have been discriminated since independence from British on February 4, 1948, (Ceylon was granted independence as the Dominion of Ceylon. Dominion status within the British Commonwealth was retained for the next 24 years until May 22, 1972 when it became a republic and was renamed the Republic of Sri Lanka). Since independence the minorities were discriminated in all departments and British politicians were mislead to believe that the next government will offer a new constitution. Loard Naseby is not the first and will not be the last to be given Freebies by SL Governments to defend their racist policies in Sri Lanka.

5 years on: The White Flag Incident (2009 — 2014)

WAR-CRIME-620x264Lord Nasby said Britain and US had called for Sri Lanka’s war against the “terrorist Tamils” to be investigated by the UN Human Rights Commissioner in Geneva along with foreign judges while in the case of the Iraq war domestic investigators were considered sufficient. He also said that Sri Lanka, was not assessed under the Geneva Convention and instead Britain and the US endorsed investigations by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and the Sri Lanka must be allowed to hold there own investigation. Mahinda regime is known to reward the local judges for giving judgement in favour of Government killing and fear that it will be difficult to get the foreign judges to work in favour of the SLG and cover up the killing, after all not every foreigners are happy to work for free holidays paid by SL government. If SLG ex president Mahinda and Lord Naseby are clean why do they fear international investigation?

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Lord Naseby refuses to talk about the the killing of LTTE Leaders and their family members who surrendered with White Flag after UN negotiated the surrender. Eye witnesses saw the LTTE Leaders who surrendered with White flag were taken away in buses by the SL Army and killed. The Lord Naseby is tight lipped towards the White Flag killing.

Interestingly Lord Naseby and his Sri Lankan government friends has not opposed Mahinda regime when he refused to implement the promised 13+ amendment after the killing of thousands of Tamil civilians in May 2009. Even today Mahinda regime are opposing a proposed new constitution (to give equal rights to minorities) brought by the current government  of Sri Lanka.

“White Flag Surrender”of LTTE Leaders Nadesan and … – DBS Jeyaraj

mahinda-hitlerThe origin of war crime allegations was after the Darusman Report guessed the number of casualties at 40,000, he explained and says “The Darusman Report, which, on a best-guess basis, two years after the end of the war, stated, ‘there is still no reliable figure for civilian deaths’, but then guessed at 40,000. This figure is bandied about by virtually every human rights organization and the thousands of Tamil Diaspora throughout the world, many of whom were LTTE Tamil Tiger supporters and still are, inflamed by Tamil Net and those ghastly Channel 4 Killing Fields films, which so influenced the previous Prime Minister.”

He refrained from noting that this Report itself is illegitimate, as Neville Ladduwahetty repeatedly points as: 1. The panel of so-called experts are outside to the UN, thus, affecting the neutrality the UNSG is expected to maintain as specified by Article 100, Clause 1 of the UN charter. It is to maintain this neutrality that the UNSG or his staff is specified not to “seek or receive instructions from any authority external to the organization”. 2. The panel was only to be advisory and not act as investigators and report only to the UNSG. However, when the panel documented ‘credible alleged violations’ based on unidentified entities’ submissions, it amounted to an investigation. 3. Ki-Moon initiated the panel when the GoSL had already commenced the Lessons Learnt & the Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) on 17 May 2010. Thus, GoSL was addressing their responsibilities to uphold accountability. Disregarding these efforts blatantly, Ki-Moon appointed the Darusman-led panel in June 2010 – a mere month later.

Obviously he is angry that the panel should not have investigated the killing of Tamil civilians who exposed the killing of more than 40,000 Tamil civilians.

Wartime Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa who is accused of war crime and opposing any political rights to the minorities in Sri Lanka picked on the significance of Lord Naseby’s debate. Only he stated that these revelations challenge the very basis for a new Constitution. He pointed out that the International Community cannot ignore Lord Naseby›s request from the British Parliament to convince the UN and the UNHRC to accept that between 7,000- 8,000 Tamil Civilians were killed in May 2009 by Sri Lankan Army and not 40,000.

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