New Constitution a must for peace- Sampanthan

Opposition Leader R Sampanthan says a new Constitution is a prerequisite to sustainable peace, development and progress.

Parliamentarian Sampanthan addressing the Constitutional Assembly said the previous Presidents and governments who were in power tabled proposals for power devolution that went far beyond the 13th Amendment to the Constitution.

The Opposition Leader quoted a statement by

  • Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa who said any solution must be seen as one that stretches to a maximum possible devolution of powers
  • Former Minister GL Peiris from 2002 who said the government sought extensive power sharing within a framework of one country.

The Opposition leader highlighted that despite the conclusion of the 30 year long conflict steps have not been taken to look into the causes behind the conflict. The Parliamentarian noted the conflict arose due to the non-resolution of the national question, claiming it still remains unsolved.

Opposition Leader Sampanthan said it is known that the country’s national issue has become internationalised, due to errors committed and due to the lack of being able to amicably resolve the national question.

R Sampanthan also noted that violence was unleashed against the Tamil people whenever a legitimate political demand is made highlighting that matters could worsen if this situation continues.

It is understood that Former President Mahinda Rajapaksha and his close associates in opposition are opposing the changes giving equal rights to all. It is believed that talking racism is the only hope of Mahinda group who have lost all faith from the Tamils and Muslims.

Mahinda promised to implement famous 13+ amendment before his second term but once elected he refused to implement what he promised. Sri Lankan Sinhala politicians are famous for lying  to the voters and mahinda was not the first or will be the last.

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