SC of Sri Lanka decided a dual citizen cannot be an M.P! What about Basil & Gotha?

This is a country which has had a Foreign Secretary (Palitha Kohona) who was an Australian citizen, a Defence Secretary (Gothapaya Rajapaksha) who was an American citizen, a Central Bank Governor whose signature appears on currency notes in circulation, who was a Citizen of Singapore and ambassadors and high commissioners galore who were citizen of who knows where. The 19th Amendment to the Constitution now precludes citizen of any other country standing for President or for Parliament. 

Many of our former leaders, from President J.R. Jayewardene who the Economist magazine once called “Junius Rex” made non-citizens our country’s ambassadors overseas, Mahinda used it to help his family members gain wealth and position. Under Mahinda Foreign Secretary Palitha Kohona was an Australian citizen, the Defence Secretary  Gothapaya Rajapaksha a brother of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa who was an American citizen, Economic development minister and a brother of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa was Basil Rajapaksha a American citizen.

Ms. Kumarasinghe too had renounced her Swiss citizenship, acquired when she married a Swiss national, but it is unclear whether the renunciation by a letter to the Swiss Embassy here held. The case against her, which has been upheld, is that she was a Swiss citizen at the time she submitted her nomination papers for election to parliament.

(Lanka-e-News -03.Nov.2017, 7.20PM) The  Supreme court (SC) on the  2 nd delivering  a landmark verdict decided that Geetha Kumarasinghe Galle district M.P. who is having dual citizenship cannot hold a member of parliament post .  That is ,the SC held that the earlier decision delivered by the appeal court is tenable and valid.

This is the first time the SC of  Sri Lanka decided a dual citizen cannot be an M.P. In other words ,though Geetha has broken many scandalous records and by now  best known for the most squalid reasons , this was the first time  she earned the discredit of  creating  a record as the first  M.P. who was unseated based on dual citizenship .

The appeal  filed by Geetha Kumarasinghe in the Supreme court (SC) challenging  the decision delivered by the appeal court on 30 th May against her was rejected by the SC  on the 2nd. The  SC confirming he decision of the appeal court  decided she cannot sit in parliament as a people’s representative (M.P.). The court also ordered the court registrar that this decision be immediately communicated to the Parliamentary secretary.

The appeal was heard in the SC before five judges including chief justice Priyasad Dep (president of the panel)

With the unseating of Geetha,   Piyasena Gamage who is next in the UPFA list on the preferential votes will  secure the opportunity to enter parliament. He too was in court on the 2nd.

After the decision was delivered , Gamage speaking to the media said , as he is a  vice president of SLFP , he is with  his party. By that he implied in parliament he will not be with the UPFA but with the SLFP group.

It is noteworthy Basil Rajapakse who has formed a new political party is also a dual citizen . He says he will not cancel his dual citizenship. Gotabaya Rajapakse the other Rajapakse manimal  who is now  trying to become a ‘man’ (human)  through “Vipath Maga’  (Disaster route ) , a new organization of his is also a dual citizen.  He too is not prepared to give up  his American citizenship . He is so Americanized that he wears tie and suit not only when he goes to America but even  when he has to go to the latrine at home, sources  say.  Besides , how can these two infamous racketeers who have purchased a large number of  properties in America  out of illicitly earned colossal wealth and plundered public funds of Sri Lankans withdraw their American citizenships ?

No matter what , the decision of the court against Geetha signals what is in store for these two crooked scoundrels too.

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