UNHRC adopts the 3rd UPR outcome on Sri Lanka

The United Nations Human Rights Council has adopted the outcome of the third Universal Periodic Review on Sri Lanka at the 28th session of the Universal Periodic Review.

At the session the President of the Human Rights Council Joaquín Alexander Martelli proposed to the working group to adopt the recommendation section of the draft report and the UPR of Sri Lanka was adopted.

The review of Sri Lanka was held on Wednesday.

The Sri Lankan delegation was headed by Deputy Minister of National Policies and Economic Affairs Dr. Harsha de Silva.

Sri Lanka accepted 177 out of the 230 recommendations made by the 3rd UPR and noted 53. Sri Lanka has also undertaken 12 voluntary pledges.

Deputy Minister Dr. de Silva delivering the final remarks at the session said all recommendations made are constructive and useful to Sri Lanka and are meaningful.

The Deputy Minister added the 3rd cycle of the UPR gave Sri Lanka an important opportunity, right from the process of drafting the National Report, to the point of undergoing the Review in Geneva, to demonstrating the importance that Sri Lanka, especially since January 2015, attach to human rights, and the way in which the government is seeking to fulfil its commitments to the people, in a manner that empowers and benefits everyone in our country.

However, Dr. de Silva said Sri Lanka has to be mindful in ensuring that the recommendations are accepted in a “sincere and responsible” manner. He said that some recommendations relating to ongoing processes such as the constitutional reform process, law reform processes, and the transitional justice process involve multiple arms of government and agencies, including specific procedures that have to be adhered to.

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