Maithri- Rajapakse discussions go up in smoke ! What happened ?

Maithri- Rajapakse discussions go up in smoke ! What happened ?

(Lanka-e-News – 01.Dec.2017, 10.15PM) The discussions held between the SLFP group and the Rajapakse flower bud symbol group to form an alliance to  contest the forthcoming local government elections have  completely faltered , frittered and flopped , and both sides have now decided for sure to contest elections separately , a Maithri group political bigwig speaking to Lanka e news revealed.

The final condition imposed by the flower bud group on the Maithri group was , ‘if there is going to be an alliance , the Maithri group should leave the consensual government .‘ Maithri group which cannot fulfill that condition under any circumstances , and the SLFP ers who are currently enjoying the luxurious perks and privileges as ‘honorable’ ministers have totally refused to accept that condition.

Although the president said openly, he was ready to resign his positions , and wage a struggle along with  the people against the rogues , if he is  to do that in fact  , he too has to  join with the Rajapakse rogues. Thankfully , in this third world there is no such struggle in which a battle is waged against rogues by joining  with the  rogues . It is clear without any trace of doubt those proud announcements were only to provide impetus to the discussions. It is therefore no wonder ,suddenly Maithripala Sirisena became ‘our president’ of Machiavellian Medamulana Rajapakse during that period.

No matter what , because of the discussions held by Maithri group to strike an alliance with Rajapakses , the forces that were responsible to make  Maithripala  the president were naturally driven into disappointment  and disillusionment. Although he expressed he is  matured enough to turn the negotiating table in his  favor , Maithri could not succeed in that direction.

In fact  if the objectives  were sincere, the president could have told , ‘accept the policies of good governance and come to the negotiating table.’  Until today , neither he nor his group made any such statement.

If such an announcement was made the forces which propelled Maithripala  to power would not be this disillusioned with his negotiations ; neither his group and himself would have incurred  such displeasure.  On the contrary what escaped from the mouths of his self seeking political opportunists and renegades  like Dayasiri  Jayasekera were : ‘Thank God if we join we are safe’ thereby betraying their unscrupulous political traits.

When Machiavellian Rajapakse cashed in on the situation , Maithri group could do nothing , whereas  Rajapakse by stipulating   conditions which pleased his own group  and giving publicity to that turned the negotiating table in his favor.

At any rate , the present situation is , the negotiations between Maithri group and Rajapakse flower bud group have gone up in smoke.  . However the Maithri group bigwig who spoke to us  revealed another story. According to him , the SLFP ers should have been addressed  , and that during the period of the discussions , the SLFP ers realized it was the Rajapakses who split the party and not they.

It was also  his opinion , though the good governance forces which made Sirisena the president were disillusioned , the SLFP ers weren’t.  His revelation of course is nothing unsurprising because on the 8 th of January 2015 , this same SFP bigwig  was with Mahinda Rajapakse with the determination to defeat Maithripala Sirisena.

This is like   a story concocted  and related to cover up the failure after trying to  forge an alliance with the rogues. This  is akin to  seeking to justify the villainies and sordid attempts when realizing the odds are now not in their favor via  claptraps  sans any political sense.

It is our analysis, if these two groups at the elections contest separately , though many say Maithri group will not have the edge , the Rajapakse group (flower bud) is certainly not have going to have such a big advantage .

The only thing they can harp on  before the people is ’ we are not rogues’ because there is nothing that they have done for the benefit of the people or that they can do.

The flower bud group of Rajapakse owing to its racial stance and propensities following  its defeat at the last elections will not be able to increase their vote base on  minority votes. If it is the view that those who voted for ‘Swan’ symbol on  8 th January 2015  are   disappointed because of the weakness of the good governance , and that the flower bud group is strong enough to win over those votes , it is an absolute  fallacy and a figment of  imagination.

This is because those on the stage of the Flower bud group are the same old crooks and the corrupt – the  buddies of the same feather who robbed the country together . There is not a single new entrant who can be said as a buddy not of the same feather. Hence , if anyone is to claim these buddies of the flower bud group can easily defeat the Maithri group under the ‘hand’ or the ‘betel’ symbol it is a self deception. The Maithri group front-liner  who exchanged views with us disclosed , Maithri group has still not decided under which symbol they shall contest.

At any rate , if the Rajapakse group cannot secure  first place in this election , the factions remaining with the Rajapakse group joining with Maithri cannot be averted. On the other hand if the so called Maithri group loses to Rajapakses  ,  the Maithri groups  joining with the Rajapakses is not a possibility because Maithripala Sirisena is going to be the president for another three years. It is the practice in Sri Lanka reprehensible though , where there is no affluence or  influence of power , not even a Sri Lankan animal let alone citizen will visit that venue to drink a drop of water. 

In any event , after the local government elections , when the local administration is being established , without any doubt , the Maithri group is surely going to initiate discussions  with the rogues to form an alliance . That is because during their last failed discussions , it was inordinate power greed and not policies which was given  precedence over all other considerations.

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