Tamil youths must not wage Armed struggle again – Tamil’s Chief Minister Wigneswaran

If Tamil youths of North are to wage armed struggle again it is like climbing a Murunga tree –Wigneswaran

(Lanka-e-News – 29.Nov.2017, 11.55PM) It is true the Tamil people of the North did not acquire their rights through the Sinhala Buddhist forces or the politics of the South . But if the Tamil youths are again trying to take to arms with the aim of acquiring  those  rights, that will  not be any different  from climbing a Murunga (Drumsticks) tree , said , Northern chief minister C.T. Wigneswaran on the 28 th in Jaffna.

When some journalists met  the chief minister in Jaffna and questioned about the absence of signs of the government going for a new constitution , the chief minister’s first reply was ,  without patience nothing can be achieved.

When the common objectives cannot be accomplished , after waiting for a short while , taking to arms to achieve those has always been the practice in the country throughout history , yet never has any victory been secured by taking to arms , the chief minister pointed out.

Since there are no indications so far that the rights of the Tamil people of the North and East will not be ensured  via a constitutional amendment which was promised by the government,  the Tamil people  and the politicians must wage  a struggle to make sure no room is  allowed to change that stance . But that should not be an armed struggle, the Chief minister has asserted.

Meanwhile , at the invitation of the speaker ,  the chief minister of the North who  arrived in parliament on the 25 th , has had discussions with the speaker and Dhammika Dasanayake , the Gen. Secretary of Parliament .

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