Govt only concerned about revenue – Tamil CM Wigneswaran

Northern Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran in his budget speech yesterday said that the people of the North have to depend on the South for all their needs, and the Central Government is of the view that complete power devolution should be in the hands of the majority.
“Those talking about the development of the North are less concerned about how it should be developed but more concerned about what benefits they would gain. Therefore, even if power is devolved in certain areas, it is implemented through District Secretaries,” he said.
Wigneswaran also claimed that some are making use of foreign allocations for their political gains. “Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has an economic plan for the development of the islets in the North. However, my suggestions have not been included in the plan. Their behaviour is similar to how it was prior to the introduction of the 13th Amendment.

The Forest Department is claiming ownership of trees planted by people. We will hold talks in this regard very soon,” he said.
The Chief Minister pointed out that building a massive tourist resort near the bird sanctuary in Vanni and creating a wildlife park will threaten the security of people.
“The Central Government has failed to maintain a balance in ecology but are only concerned about revenue. These actions will affect the Provincial Government, thus we are diligently working on the issue,” he said.

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