BJP leader Subramanian Swamy the Joker of India!

Moments after a special CBI court exonerated all 19 accused, including former telecom minister A Raja and DMK leader Kanimozhi, in the Rs 30,000 crore 2G scam case, BJP leader Subramanian Swamy,who loves publicity and who made a private complainant and filed a criminal complaint against A Raja and others in the Supreme Court in the case, the multi-crore 2G spectrum allocation scam, on Thursday said the government must immediately file an appeal against the acquittal of all accused in the nearly decade old case.

Swamy took to Twitter to air his thoughts on the judgment. “Government must prove its bonafides by filing an immediate appeal in High Court,” he tweeted. If not this verdict will prove that he is the joker of Indian politicians.

Swamy loves publicity and will always make issues to create attention, He is called the Joker of Indian politicians by some journalists. Swamy’s antipathy for Gandhis is well-known and no secret. Modi might have mocked Madam and Shahzada on the campaign trail but he went out of his way to greet them with warmth in the Lok Sabha after the election was over. Swamy is made of sterner and more implacable stuff. When he does not call her TDK he insists on calling Sonia, Sonia Maino and when he does not call Rahul “buddhu” he calls him Raul Vinci. He’s called “Sonia-ji and Rahul-ji” the 2Gs of the 2G scam.

All accused in the three cases related to the 2G spectrum allocation “scam” have been acquitted by a special CBI court on Thursday. Deciding the fate of all accused, including former telecom minister A Raja and DMK leader Kanimozhi Karunanithi, the court opined, “Absolutely no hesitation in holding that the prosecution has miserably failed to prove any charge against any of the accused, made in its well choreographed charge sheet.” In its detailed judgments, running into, a couple of thousand pages, the court has dissected the various aspects of the issue and the role alleged against the accused.

The CBI had claimed that Raja had devised his own way of granting telecom licences, brushed aside the first-come-first-served principle, misled the (then) Prime Minister, disregarded the concerns of other ministries and ran a parallel office at home to grant licences to whosoever offered him gratification.

Subramanian Swamy – The Mossad Stooge & The Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi & it’s Global Strategic Impact

Justice Jain has devoted separate chapters to three key Indian players who are suspected, one way or the other, to have had prior knowledge of the assassination. Nothing definitive or conclusive here, but Jain has woven in intriguing loops of circumstantial evidence—quoted and contained in the annexures—around godman Chandraswami, Janata Party leader Dr Subramanian Swamy and former PM Chandra Shekhar. The three are bracketed, prima facie, as either having a link with those who allegedly conspired with the assassins or at least having been privy to the fact of a plot……………..

WikiLeaks says Subramanian Swamy passed on Indira Gandhi’s ……/report-wikileaks-says-subramanian-swamy-passed-on-indira-ga…

25 Apr 2014 – WikiLeaks says Subramanian Swamy passed on Indira Gandhi’s election strategy and health details to the US – In a recent revelation, WikiLeaks has released cables containing information about how the United States managed to scoop details about late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’selection strategies …

Kamal Hassan hits back at Subramanian Swamy for calling him ‘Boneless’ and calling Tamils as ‘Porikies’.

Swamy’s Monday’s tweet was an answer to a question asked by someone on Twitter. He was asked if BJP would welcome Kamal if he gets chosen as Tamil Nadu’s next leader. In his reply, the BJP leader said, “I don’t know about BJP but I will oppose this boneless wonder+ and pompous i***t called Kamal Haasan.” Swamy’s reponse was too rude but the actor decided not stay mum for this below the belt attack. 

The actor said, I have one bone of contention. It’s good enough. Subramanium  Swamy called Tamils as ‘porikies’. Glad I won’t have to oppose him. People will.” He also mentioned that he would not need to retort Swamy but his own actions would land him in a mess. Kamal added, “He might like his meal boneless. I don’t. Bon appetit sir.” The actors tweets got more that 2000 retweets in a very short span of time. 

Kamal Hassan gave one witty reply to the BJP minister, full of sarcasm and wit. The whole controversy began after the actor had tweeted a link on February 18. In his tweet Kamal has shared the speech of Markandey Katju,former Supreme Court judge, with a caption that reads, “Ppl. who hide behind constitution while they hide explosive truths will only implode e.g. su..samy.” 

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