Presidential Commission to investigate Rajapakse ‘patriot’ rats who sold valuable army headquarters for a song !

(Lanka-e-News – 21.Dec.2017, 11.35PM)   The sale of the valuable land of the Amy headquarters for a paltry sum of Rs. 125 million dollars by the deposed most corrupt  Rajapakses based on their sudden decision has necessitated the army headquarters to be housed in 15 separate rented buildings . Owing to this a sum of Rs. 5 billion ! has to be spent annually as rent , president Maithripala Sirisena who is also the defense minister revealed to the cabinet.

This colossal payment annually for the buildings rented is a huge unnecessary burden on the treasury as a  result of improper planning . Besides , this has  compromised national security  the president lamented.

The cabinet decided to appoint a special presidential commission to investigate the  reckless decision that was taken by the Rajapkases (whose name is now synonymous with monumental corruption)  without finding a proper permanent place to house the security division ; taking sudden steps to sell the land to a foreigner ; placing country’s security in jeopardy ;  and housing  the security divisions  in various separate buildings   thereby engendering huge  financial losses to the country.

In any case as  there are complaints received that there have been corrupt practices as regards the new  Army headquarters  building that is being constructed in Pelawatte and not yet completed , an investigation has to be conducted , the president asserted.

It is an irony, it is the same president now  talking about appointing a commission to probe  into corruption ,who disallowed confirmed  culprit Gotabaya Rajapakse from being arrested despite orders issued by the Attorney General to arrest Gota involved in the misappropriation of public funds to builds a mausoleum for his parents.

New owners of the sold army headquarters …

Meanwhile the president and prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe on 16 th November afternoon by cutting a ribbon inaugurated the Shangri La hotel which was constructed on the land that was belonging to Army headquarters . Only cups of tea were served for the president and the P.M. on the occasion and none of the notorious corrupt Rajapakses were invited for the inauguration ceremony.

However in the night the actual inauguration celebration  was held for the Rajapakses. After reserving a whole floor of the hotel exclusively without anybody else being permitted to enter  , a grand party on the lines of a ceremonial inauguration celebration was thrown exclusively  for the Rajapakses in the night after breaking open  bottles of  champagne , cutting   cakes etc . All the crooked and corrupt Rajapakses ,their wives . mistresses and lovers congregated on the Hotel floor exclusively reserved for them , and left after enjoying a sumptuous party and the best of most expensive foreign liquor that night. Interestingly , the Shangrila hotel owner is now performing the tasks of an unofficial advisor of the present finance  minister.

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