Why the Sinhala leaders don’t like Northern Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran?

Outspoken and an Honest Ex Chief Justice of Sri Lanka and the current Northern Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran is known to be the most popular Tamil living in Sri Lanka today and is the most unpopular among the Sinhala political leaders who have continuously cheated the Minority Tamils since independence from British on 4th February 1948. 

Since independence Successive Sinhala governments have promised to implement a political package to give equal rights to all but always failed to do it once the election was over, this led the Tamil youths to take arms against the government.

The Tamils arm struggle was brought to an end in May 2009 with  the then President Mahinda promising the world leaders that he will implement a 13+ political package if he is allowed to kill the LTT and he was allowed to kill the Tamils in thousands. The world leaders looked the other way while the LTTE and thousands of Tamil civilians were killed and the war was finished on the 19th May 2009.

To the surprise of the western leaders President Mahinda refused to implement a political package as promised and successfully  played Russia and China against Western Countries for his survival. In a surprise election results Mahinda lost by a small margin to a newcomer President Maithiri with the help of Minority parties who were promised a political package which had not yet being implemented. Will it? is a big question.

Local Election on 10th February 2018.

14568119_1284005488311053_4857507842942404232_nNorthern Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran requested the voters to elect the honest, uncorrupt and service oriented people to the local bodies at the forthcoming local government polls. He made the request at a press briefing held at the Jaffna Press Club.

Wigneswaran said that the people expected local bodies to provide uncorrupt, honest and dedicated services. Therefore, the voters should elect the right people who would be of service without focusing on political gains.

“Those who come to serve in any democratic institution should first of all respect the people. They should be efficient, uncorrupt and honest. So when the voters cast their votes they should be mindful of who could give them the best instead of focusing on a political party or a person representing a party,” Wigneswaran said.

He also added that the

  • Manifesto of the Northern Provincial Council election was based on the merger of the Northern and Eastern Provinces. 
  • Federal system of governance to the merged North and East. 
  • Contempt Councillors selling and gaining benefit after obtaining duty free vehicle permits.
  • The youngsters who stood by me should not lose hope but remain committed towards winning their political goals.
  • Those who come to serve in any democratic institution should first of all respect the people,
  • They should be efficient, uncorrupt and honest. 

Northern Chief Minister C. V. Wigneswaran lambasted the Northern Provincial Councillors saying that they gained immense benefit after obtaining duty free vehicle permits, without genuinely being of service to the people who elected them to the NPC.

Wigneswaran was speaking at the second reading of the NPC budget for the year 2018 yesterday. The Chief Minister said that Northern Province has been neglected due to the three-decades war.

“All resources and infrastructure have been ruined due to the war in the North. Poverty and unemployment is extensive in the North. “The NPC has to depend heavily on the Central Government to develop the Northern Province. The NPC is not in a position to take independent decisions,” the Chief Minister said.

Referring to the industrial sector in the North, Wigneswaran pointed out that there was a time, people in the North got employment opportunities and enhanced their livelihood.

“A large number of people in the North found employment at the cement factory in KKS, Chemical factory in Paranthan along with the salt fields in Elephant Pass. There were even several small industries and cottage industries. However, those workplaces, which generated income for a large number of families are now no more. No efforts have been made to revamp the industrial sector in the North,” Wigneswaran said.

Expressing his views on the lands in the possession of the Armed Forces in the North, Wigneswaran said: “The Armed Forces in the North have the fertile lands of the northerners in their possession. This has led to a big blow to the cultivators in the province. The Armed Forces are cultivating the fertile lands of the civilians who are continuing to live as Internally Displaced Persons.

The Chief Minister also mentioned about the large number of unemployed graduates who had passed out from the University of Jaffna and emphasized the need of providing employment facilities for them.

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